Terror investigation after two dead and 14 wounded in shooting at Oslo nightclub; arrested man a Norwegian citizen who is originally from Iran.

The initial reports I read during my first cup of tea were that the attack is ‘motive unknown’ and ‘not thought to be terrorism’.  Two cups of tea and a bowl of cereal later and terrorism is thought to be the reason. 

From Sky News and News in English Norway 

A shooting at a nightclub in Norway’s capital Oslo which killed two people and wounded 14 is being investigated as an act of terrorism, police say.

People were shot at a number of places near the London Pub, a popular gay bar and nightclub in the city centre.

According to public broadcaster NRK, there are at least three crime scenes. Police said that the suspect was arrested in a nearby street a few minutes later.

Police later announced that they view the shooting in downtown Oslo as a terrorist attack, and Oslo Pride organizers cancelled the parade that was due to begin at 1pm. All other Pride events were cancelled as well because of security concerns.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that police mounted a rapid and massive response to the shootings, and the gunman was quickly apprehended. He was not immediately identified but police said he had a record of minor offenses and was “known” to both police and Norway’s police intelligence agency PST. They said he was 42 years old and described him as “a Norwegian citizen who is originally from Iran.” So not a ‘right-wing’ motive either.

He started shooting around 1:20am, when witnesses including NRK crime journalist Olav Rønneberg first saw a man put a bag on the ground. He then took out a gun and started shooting outside some popular bars located close to the Oslo County House (Tinghuset). One of the bars was the London Pub, long known for a largely gay clientele.

He’s believed to have acted alone. He has since been charged with murder, attempted murder and carrying out a terrorist act, prosecutor Christian Hatlo said at a press conference that began at 9am. “There is reason to believe this involves hate crime,” Hatlo told reporters. “That’s one of the theories,” along with fears that “psychiatric issues” could spark more violence.

Police have no firm indications that other “serious incidents” can occur, but Hatlo said “uncertainty” was the main reason “that we asked that Pride be cancelled.”


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  1. Motive unknown? I’ll take that one, Norway. Witnesses describe the man as screaming, “Allahu Akhbar” during the attack. You cannot classify it as “Islamic terrorism” and say the motive is unknown. Islam condemns gays and under sharia law, punishes them-with death.
    So much for motive.

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