Terrorist’s brother felt entitled to rape

 From the Western Australian

The brother of one of Australia’s most infamous terrorists has received a hefty jail sentence after he repeatedly raped a woman and forced her to perform sex acts on him until she vomited.

Arken Abdull Rahim Sharrouf, 35, appeared in Sydney Downing Centre District Court on Friday to learn his fate after he was found guilty of 24 counts of historical physical and sexual abuse of a young woman in 2007 and 2008.

The court heard the victim was an “isolated and vulnerable” teenager during the two years Sharrouf subjected her to sickening sexual and physical abuse. After having sex with the woman, Sharrouf forced her head onto his penis and held it in place so she was unable to escape. The court heard he forced her to perform a sex act on him until she vomited, which Judge Peter Whitmore said “would have been degrading, humiliating and likely terrifying for the victim”.

Sharrouf directed the woman to engage in vaginal and anal sex and pressured her to comply “out of fear of what might otherwise occur.” The court heard he continually ignored her lack of consent, even continuing a sex act while the woman was crying from the pain.

Sharrouf also physically abused the victim, including pulling her hair and beating her feet.

Judge Whitmore noted the offences were not premeditated over the two year period.

“None of them represented planned conduct but were all rather spontaneous representations of, among other things perhaps, the offender’s perverse perception of his … entitlement,” he said. She was, after all, an infidel, a possession of his right hand.

Judge Whitmore told the court the offender’s mental illness and immaturity at the time of the offending were factors which warranted “substantial leniency”. Sharrouf was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, to be backdated to when he entered custody. He will be eligible for parole on January 30, 2025. So it isn’t just English Judges fooled by the ‘mental health’ card.

The court heard Sharrouf had been charged with violent offences against another woman in 2019, but found not guilty due to his mental illness.

He is the brother of infamous terrorist Khaled Sharrouf, who gained international attention in 2014 when he posted a photo of his son holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier. He was killed during a US air strike three years later while fighting for Islamic State.


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  1. Will Whitmore be charged as an inhuman criminal co-conspiring promoter of rape, kidnaping, and torture?
    Will he share a cell with Sharrouf Jr.?
    Will Sharrouf be chemically castrated immediately after his sojourn with Whitmore?

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