The Antisemitism Pandemic

Liberals who tolerate no bigotry from conservatives will excuse antisemitic leftists who call for the destruction of Israel.

by Matthew Hausman

Upon awakening in the morning, an observant Jew’s first thought is supposed to be directed toward G-d with the recitation of Modeh Ani, the prayer expressing thanks for the return of the soul to the body. Thereafter and throughout the day, observant Jews conduct their lives according to the commandments set forth in the Torah and values elucidated in sacred literature. Knowing the laws regarding prayer, kashrut, charity, interpersonal and professional conduct, and how mitzvah observance relates to the proper functioning of society, reminds Jews of their relationship with G-d and His involvement in their daily lives. This reinforces the belief that G-d is continually engaged with the world and that every Jew has the innate ability to communicate directly with Him without need for intermediaries. 

Jewish tradition similarly teaches that society cannot exist in a spiritual vacuum, a concept succinctly reflected by the words of Pirkei Avot (1:2) stating: “The world rests upon three things, Torah, avodah [divine service], and gemilut hasadim [acts of kindness].” This dictum is actualized when Jews live according to their law and tradition and recognize how belief and observance enable them to fulfill their mission as a “light to the nations.” 

But what happens when they abandon traditional belief and instead worship alien ideals that contravene Jewish law? Or when nontraditional movements and secular communal organizations conflate rabbinic values with partisan politics? The result is moral confusion that threatens Jewish continuity and excuses antisemitism in progressive and identity communities with whom many liberals find common cause…



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