The Case for Islamophobia


by Armando Simón

The author Salman Rushdie came close to being murdered by a Muslim because of supposed blasphemy against Islam, and before then another Muslim killed other Muslims for the same reason (the latter was at first automatically blamed on “white supremacists” by the liberal media hivemind).

So why do so many liberals in America and leftists in Europe support jihadists, and/or support the mass migration of Muslims into Western countries? And why do they automatically block out mentally any of the following facts?

Facts. Undisputed, undeniable—and very harsh—facts: Almost every Islamic country practices censorship. Almost every Islamic country is a dictatorship. In many Islamic countries slavery is still openly practiced, usually of blacks. In all Islamic countries if a woman is raped, she, not the rapist, is jailed; gays are persecuted (if not murdered) without repercussions; and it is legal for a 40, 50, or 60 y/o man to marry a little girl even if she still wetting the bed. In most Islamic countries a rape culture exists; criticism of religion, no matter how mild, will result in imprisonment, if not death; and a woman accused of adultery will be stoned to death. In many Islamic countries music and art is forbidden. In many Islamic countries, a woman is not allowed an education and furthermore a woman has no legal rights whatsoever. In two Islamic countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the fight against polio has come to a standstill because some groups have declared that to prevent children from getting polio is against Islam. In some Islamic countries a woman is not allowed to drive a car or to go out of the house without a guardian, and persecution, if not genocide, is practiced against Buddhists, Christians and other Muslims. In most Muslim countries “honor killings” of women is sanctioned.

And all of these human right abuses are done in the name of Islam.

All other religions encourage followers to control or to deny the satanic impulses. Islam encourages them. Islam approves of murder, rape and torture. It is the perfect religion for criminals.

So, again, given all of these undeniable facts, why do so many liberals in America and leftists in Europe strongly support jihadists, and/or support the mass migration of Muslims into Western countries? And why do they automatically mentally block out any of the above facts? Indeed, to point out the above, undeniable, facts is considered by many liberals to be the height of poor taste and intolerance and become upset if someone does bring them up.

A new word has taken ahold of leftists in America with which to impose censorship: “Islamophobia.” Hitherto, accusations of sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, Fascist and—their all-time favorite—racist were used (and are used—constantly) with which to stifle free speech. The moment a liberal hurls the accusation of “racist” it serves to silence an opponent’s viewpoint, even though the viewpoint is in no way, shape, or form, a racist. Simply the accusation is enough. It puts the heretic on the defensive. Additionally, there is a huge knee jerk contingent in the country that has been thoroughly indoctrinated and trained which, the moment they hear the accusation of “racist,” immediately starts to repeat the accusation and snarl like a well-trained Pavlovian dog. These people won’t even stop to question whether the person is truly a racist or not, or whether he misspoke, or whether his words were taken out of context or falsified. It’s enough to have been called a “racist.” That’s all that matters. Never mind what he said or what he meant. He’s not one of us, the sophisticated, the enlightened, the latte sipping, cocaine snorting, elitist, he’s one of those evil racists that must be wiped out because he thinks differently. So they join the howling, mindless, mob in the media as they persecute their latest victim and prevent his voice to be heard.

So now we have “Islamophobia.” Anyone who is against terrorism, censorship, beheading of people, prohibiting girls from having an education, genocide against Christians and Jews, murder of gays, destruction of cultural artifacts, theocratic totalitarianism, immigration of Muslims into the country, preaching and proselytizing by imams in Christian churches, murder of non-Muslims by Muslims, the stoning of women, the abolition of music, the erection of mosques and the imposing of suffocating restrictions on women, is “Islamophobic.”

And to liberals that’s a bad thing.

Except that I, for one, am proud to be Islamophobic. And you should be, too. Because if you believe in free speech and a free press, then you should be Islamophobic. And if you believe in democracy, then you should be Islamophobic. If you believe in culture, then you should be Islamophobic.  If you believe that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men, then you should be Islamophobic. If you believe in persons being able to choose their religion and worship how they want, then you should be Islamophobic. If you like music, then you should be Islamophobic. If you believe in tolerance then you should be Islamophobic. If you appreciate art and culture then you should be Islamophobic.

There are certain individuals who spend a tremendous amount of psychological energy in denying reality. As John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” Let us look at these other facts: all of the terrorist attacks in the United States in the past decade have been committed by Muslims, almost all by immigrants: Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Chechnya, Palestine, Nigeria, Yemen. These are facts. So why is it “racism” to ban people from these countries to enter the USA until better methods are discovered which will accurately identify potential terrorists? This is not racism, it’s just common sense! And self-preservation. Yet, I spoke with one young, idealistic, lady who was against such exclusion. When I asked her about the possibility of one of those persons that she would admit into the country creating a bomb that would kill hundreds of people, she shrugged it off and said it didn’t matter. She was that idealistic.

So why do so many liberals condemn Islamophobia? Why do they want more Muslims to come into Europe and America? Why do they keep making excuses and attempts to sanitize that religion and its followers? Why do they say “Islam is a religion of peace” when they haven’t even read a single word of the Koran, much less the Hadith? After all, for years they have loudly claimed that they champion free speech and press, democracy and the rights of women.

And, above all, why aren’t the feminists up in arms about letting more Muslims into the country?

Those questions are being asked by such “racists” as libertarians, conservatives and classic liberals, and the answer is a bit complicated.

Because Muslims hate Western society and values same as leftists.

Essentially, shortly after the beginning of the 20th century, it became fashionable among intellectual circles to condemn and criticize one’s country, society, race and religion. This attitude was propagated by intellectuals in books and, most importantly, in classes. Before too long, it went a step further, and the attitude escalated that to become a traitor was a sign of intellectual superiority: you were not constrained by suffocating tradition, patriotism, honor, or loyalty, all outdated concepts. In fact, such intellectually superior persons saw themselves as citizens of the world instead of citizens of a tribe (nation). Consequently, towards the second half of the century—right up to the present—leftists vilified their country, their religion and their race. They were brought up on a steady diet of hatred; it was the type of hatred that is spiced with a heavy dose of cynicism and sarcasm the type that only a leftist can dish out. During this time, one sees an outpouring of vituperation against Christianity, against whites, against males, against Britain, America, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, etc., simultaneously with a rampant increase in espionage and propaganda for communism and the Soviet Union. Russian spies would approach these individuals and would ask them, not “Will you give us military and diplomatic secrets so that we can destroy your country in a nuclear attack and take over the world?” but rather, “Would you like to work for peace by giving us military and diplomatic secrets?” And that cheap tactic worked. They helped a regime and an ideology that was destructive to culture, science, democracy, humanism and freedoms and, as such, they were traitors not just to their countries, but to humanity and to civilization.

The leftist intellectuals also demonstrated a bottomless well of relentless hatred for anyone who defied their conformity or publicly contradicted their dogma, while simultaneously proclaiming themselves to be tolerant, open minded and open to new ideas, in other words, liberal. Then came the end of the evil empire.

Now, Western civilization is once again under attack, this time from the Islamofascist jihadists and these very same leftist intellectuals have switched from being traitors for communism to traitors for Islam. It should come as no surprise that that those same people (older now), as well as their indoctrinated youths, who excused the crimes of communism and covered them up in the media now are excusing the crimes of Muslims in Western countries and cover them up in the media, sometimes using identical language. As Lord Acton once said, “After every crime there comes a sophist with a sponge.”

The jihadists are the enemies of civilization and of humanity, as are their leftist apologists. And so they insist that Western countries open the doors to the barbarians, and these Quislings make excuses for the assaults, the rapes and the persecution by those same Muslims inside their countries. In countries like Germany and Sweden the barbarians are not at the gate, they are already inside the gate, running rampant, and their media are constantly telling the population that they must accept, they must conform, they must be tolerant, they must not complain, because to do so would be “racism” and Islamophobia. One would not expect certain persons to be these Quislings, yet they are, like German vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel who wants to imprison anyone who agitates against Muslim immigration, or like the lesbian bishop Eva Brunne, who wanted to remove crosses in a church so that Muslims would not be offended (this last should not come as a shock since during the Cold War some leftist clergy helped Marxist guerrillas even though Marxists wanted to destroy churches and impose atheism once in power). And, of course, no resistance is allowed to be voiced in the media. Those who actually resist are vilified by leftist politicians and the European media as (of course) neo-Fascists and as racists. Some are even murdered, like the Dutch professor, Pim Fortuyn, who was murdered by the animal rights activist Volkert van der Graaf, who admitted murdering him during his bid for election in order to silence Fortuyn because Fortuyn was critical of “multiculturalism” and Muslim immigration. And if you did not hear of this in the American media—why are you surprised? Perhaps, you say, it is because it took place in Europe. Just for the same reason that you did not hear that those “poor Muslim refugees” on a boat in the Mediterranean threw Christians overboard to drown. But why didn’t you hear about the Muslim woman in Georgia dressed in a burka who came out of nowhere and attacked two American women with the flagpole that was in their home? Instead, you may have noticed that ever since 9/11 local newspapers have carried stories depicting the celebration of Muslim holidays in a benevolent light.

And note that whereas white leftists are agitating for importing poverty into North America and Europe through mass migration from Europe, Africa, and/or South America, and their insistence that we alter our civilization, our society, our values in order to accommodate these people, no country in Asia, Africa, the Muslim countries, or South America have expressed a desire to alter their cultures and become less homogenous.

There are Westerners that insist that Islam is a religion of peace—as exemplified by “Whenever you meet unbelievers, cut off their heads” and Sura 47:7 and “Prepare to terrorize Allah’s enemies.” Sura 8:60. They claim, instead, that Islam has been hijacked by radicals and if they are only hugged enough then they will stop killing people. As I stated, these individuals have never even read the Koran, much less the Hadith, and much more importantly have a complete ignorance of history. Muslims’ present attack on Europe is only the latest attack in a long history of attempts to invade Europe and destroy its culture. Like waves constantly washing against a cliff, trying to erode it, Muslims have at one time or another, throughout the centuries invaded a weak Europe, first conquering Spain in the west. In the east, the Byzantine Empire blocked the savages’ attacks for centuries until it, too, finally, was overwhelmed in 1453. The gates of Europe then became open. Before too long, the Muslims had invaded all of the Balkans and even reached the very gates of Vienna before being hurled back. Earlier, at the naval battle of Lepanto in the western Mediterranean they were also stopped. But, by the early 1800s, the Europeans had become strong enough so that the Balkans and southern Russia could be retaken. By the late 1800s, it was the Europeans who conquered and occupied the Muslim Mediterranean, but unlike their counterparts, they respected the native cultures and religion. Eventually, they abandoned their colonies.

And here we are.

So why do liberals condemn Islamophobia since they have often agitated for freedom of speech and press and have advocated gay rights and equal rights for women? It’s a gross contradiction. It would appear to make no sense.

For three reasons. The first answer is because in Politically Correct ideology there is a strict hierarchy of values and hating one’s culture and religion—and above all hating America—trumps the other values. It’s that simple. So even though Islam kills gays and Jews, and degrades women, Islam is more important because it aims to destroy Western culture.

The second answer is that they emphasize that most Muslims are not jihadists, that there are moderates. But, as Brigitte Gabriel has pointed out, the moderates don’t matter, just like the moderate Germans did not matter during WWII and the moderate Russians and Chinese did not matter during the Cold War. It was the fanatics that mattered, that acted, and that carried out crimes while the moderates twiddled their thumbs and picked their noses.

And the third answer is that they want to appear broadminded and tolerant. But that is just a façade.

And this brings me to an important distinction. What passes itself off as a liberal in America today is quite different from the classical liberal. The classic liberal is an endangered species. The classic liberal used to be a very decent, rational, tolerant individual who honestly believed in freedom of speech and press and preferred to try out new things and consider ideas other than his own. Today’s false liberal passes himself as the classic liberal, but is like the cuckoo bird (interpret that as you wish). It calls itself liberal, but it worships totalitarianism and totalitarian tactics, suppressing opinions that contradict PC ideology. In decades past these false liberals have infiltrated and become totally entrenched in universities, the government and the various sources of media, where they have systematically persecuted and carried out purges of libertarians, classic liberals, conservatives, and independents (read David Horowitz’s The Professors). A visit to any university will confirm this and a review of media outlets will immediately note that certain viewpoints are not allowed to be voiced and if they are voiced, those persons are persecuted; in fact, thanks to the internet, many newsworthy criminal acts carried out by Muslims in America and Europe are revealed which are deliberately spiked by PC leftists in the regular media (as occurred during the Cold War regarding criminal events carried out by communist organizations and countries). And this is why for so many Americans the word liberal has, unfortunately, become a dirty word, they believe the impostor when he calls himself a liberal when, in fact, he/she is nothing of the sort.

So, to repeat what I stated earlier: if you believe in democracy, in freedom of speech and press, in the rights of women and of gays, if you believe in art and culture and music, you should be Islamophobic. I know I am. I was that way before 9/11. I had a knowledge of history.

Embrace the label Islamophobia—proudly.


Armando Simón is a retired college professor and forensic psychologist and is the author of A Cuban from Kansas, The U, and The Only Red Star I Liked Was a Starfish.

3 Responses

  1. Since the Islam umma refuses to denounce daily its murderous and hate-filled adherents we must conclude that Islamophobia does not exist in our real world, and that Islammetusia and its Islammetusic maniacs are the realities with which we must deal.

  2. Sometimes, I feel to live in the fable “the Emperor’s New Clothes”. In that fable, people praised the emperor’s dress (even if the emperor was naked) because they were afraid to be labelled as stupid. In the real world, people defend islam because they are afraid to be labelled as islamophobic.
    In the fable, an innocent little child said: “the emperor is naked!” and the word of truth finally spread.
    In the real world, we need people who have the innocence and the courage to say the truth, like that little child: the emperor is naked, islam is terrible.
    Armando Simon, you are one of these clear voices the world needs.
    Thank you for this wonderful article. Please, spread it as much as you can.

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