The Elites Hate Us — But We Outnumber Them

by Armando Simón

Elites are individuals who occupy the upper strata in society through either wealth, politics, sports, religion, and/or social status (such as entertainment), and they have been a part of society for millennia. Because of human nature, elites have usually — though not always — considered themselves to be better than those below them or have simply been indifferent to them.

By the same token, those below the elites have either envied them, worshipped them, been hostile toward them, or have just simply been indifferent to them, occupying different worlds of which they were not privy to, though they might have been curious.

In the past two centuries, because of the development of intense democratic attitudes, most elites either downplayed or suppressed any feelings of disdain to those not as fortunate as them, or any demands to be treated better than the plebians. They found that any overt expressions of supposed superiority were reciprocated with intense hostility and became targeted (think of Leona Helmsley).

As for Hollywood celebrities who demanded special treatment when breaking rules or laws with the question, “Do you know who I am?” or “Do you know my name?” (think of Reese Witherspoon or the obnoxious Alec Baldwin), they were showered with ridicule and contempt. Special treatment for elites can be successful, however, if done surreptitiously.

The only exception to hostile retaliation is in the case of outstanding athletes who boast of their excellent performance, though some may call them narcissistic.

Within the past decade, however, a radical change has come over many elites: they have declared war on us. They hate us and they have contempt for us. And, although they may be occasionally reprimanded socially for doing so, they have been openly voicing their hatred and contempt. What makes this a serious development is that they are arrogant and in positions of power and have no compunctions to exercising that power against us, particularly since they are operating within the framework of ideologies. But aside from intending to ram their ideologies down our throats, they simultaneously have hatred and contempt for us.

A consistent theme repeatedly voiced among the elites is that, intellectually, they are so much more superior than us peasants (decades ago, this was voiced by one Richard Hofstadter, a Communist who became the darling of political science departments; a different leftist, Christopher Lasch, criticized this outlook but was ignored).

I will now cite the very numerous instances just so that there is no doubt in the reader as to their warped mentality.

  • An employee from PBS stated, “Americans are so fucking dumb. You know, most people are dumb. It’s good to live in a place [Washington, D.C.] where people are educated and know stuff. Could you imagine if you lived in one of these other towns or cities where everybody’s just stupid?”
  • Hollywood celebrity and multimillionaire Rainn Wilson ridiculed a working-class country singer who sang “Rich Men North of Richmond.” The elites have for the longest time despised country music — in spite of the fact that it is played in Salzburg radio stations in the Alps, where I heard it.
  • The elites at Country Music Television (CMT) censored a song, “Try That in a Small Town.”
  • In spite of the fact that recently they have been repeating the mantra that we must save democracy from the evil Trump, elites in several states have or want to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential race ballot, who stated that in order to save democracy, they would not let the people vote for the candidate of their choice. The global elites have clearly stated that Trump’s election victory would be a threat to them. They believe voting by the general public is a mistake. CNN’s Goldberg is upset because small donors to a candidate will offset large contributions from elites.
  • CIA spook and MSNBC participant John Sipher declared that people are stupid because they think things are worse now that the progressives are in charge.
  • In regard to school choice, Georgia state Rep. Lydia Glaize stated that parents are too stupid and uneducated to make the right educational decisions for their children.
  • Liberal elites have decided that parents are too stupid and unenlightened to raise their kids properly, so it is up to the state to remove their children, indoctrinate them properly, and sexually mutilate them. Essentially, the leftist elites echo the Marxist idea that your children belong to the state.
  • multimillionaire TV elitist thinks it unimportant that the public has trouble putting food on the table thanks to the government’s inflation. Nor is she the only one with contempt for plebians who are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Another multimillionaire celebrity compares rural Americans to terrorists — just because. (Keep attacking us and what we hold dear and just you wait and see).
  • During “the COVID-19 pandemic” the elites kept working at government jobs, receiving a paycheck every two weeks (which we paid with our taxes) while they put the rest of the population on indefinite house arrest (lockdowns) and small businesses went under “to flatten the curve.” The elites and their minions demonized, arrested, and/or brutalized those who broke lockdown, refused to wear a useless face mask, or refused to take the toxic “vaccine.”
  • Sometimes their hatred and contempt are limited to a section of the electorate, to wit, either the GOP, or the MAGA Republicans. Some even call for creating re-education camps for the deplorables. Or outright extermination. In order “to save democracy,” you understand.
  • Arguably one of the most arrogant components of the elites are the cogs of the media hivemind. Recently, a Washington Post article urged the public not to carry out its own research since the conclusions would go against the official versions. That the official media routinely has lied to us for years through fake news is well known. Sometimes the media censors at the orders of the Democrats. Just as important, if not more so, is that they routinely censor news to keep us in the dark. Fortunately, there is the modern-day samizdat: the internet.
  • When the people became infuriated that the one influence that they had on the government (elections) had been taken away through fraud in 2020, they tried to address their concerns directly to their senators and congressmen rather than to the staff that usually runs interference. They stormed the Capitol, and the elites were horrified. These peasants were not lobbyists with deep pockets! Who did this rabble think they were, storming into the Capitol that they paid for and maintained with taxes, to talk to their betters whose salaries were paid by the rabble? So, the elites scurried away like rats rather than listen to the people.

The above instances are just the tip of the iceberg and demonstrate the anti-democratic, authoritarian, self-righteous mentality of elites, a very dangerous outlook for both sides of the equation.

Recently there has been talk of an impending civil war and it seems to be coming closer and closer. The elites would do well to ponder on the fact that if a civil war does explode, it is possible that their heads might end up on pikes. After all, they may have power, but we outnumber them.

First published in Issues and Insights.

Armando Simón is a trilingual native of Cuba, a retired psychologist, and author of “The Only Red Star I Liked Was A Starfish,” “The U” and “Indonesians: Tales from Parahiyangan” among other books.


3 Responses

  1. Elitists as Defeatists mistake theirselves as superior, while in reality they are at best, stuporous.
    At worst, beyond comment and silent contempt

  2. We may outnumber Them, but do we exceed them in:
    — coordination, organization of purpose
    — intensity of passion and endurance of effort …
    If lacking in these qualities, what equivalent virtues have we to succeed?

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