The French Prisons, "Radicals," And Hiring More Imams

Here’s an article on the French prison system, and a particular French prison where “radicalisation” — never defined, never explaineed — apparently takes place and where Amedy Coulibaly was himself “radicalised.” Hollande’s solution is to hire 80 more imams — but what, after all, can those imams do? They know what’s in the Qur’an and Sunnah. How will they be able to persuade their supposed charges in prison, who anytime they want have simply to read the Qur’an and the Sunnia, and have learned to take what is in those books — the unabrogated hate-and-violence-inculcating verses, which are to be found throughout the Qur’an, and reinforced by what is to be found in the Hadith (the Sahih or “authentic” collections of Al-Bukhari and Muslim among them) to heart, and to want to act,  using violence, to bring terror to the hearts of the Kuffar?

It is not more imams that are needed, not still more Muslims being employed by the state, in the vain hope that they will be able to prevent or undo this always-undefined “radicalisation” among still other Muslims. What needs to be done is to recognise what is in those texts, that cannot be changed, and cannot be ignored, and then to try to limit the numbers, the power, the influence, of Muslims in the West. The more Muslims, the more Muslim terrorism and the more Muslims disrupting our lives even as they conduct, by their mere presence, Jihad in other ways  — the Jihad of the “tongue” or of “wealth.” And the advisers to the flailing French government should be not smiling imams,some of whom, for all I know, want desperately to believe, for their own sakes, that Islam is not really what it is, but others. And those others should be the selected from among both the Defectors from the Army of Islam, and those non-Muslims who have well-prepared themselves by study and observation, and who have learned to recognize, and steel themselves, against all the hissing tariq-ramadans and their collaborators and admirers.



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