The incident in West George Street #Glasgow is not being treated as terrorism.


Update Saturday morning – 

The suspect was an asylum seeker who went on a rampage after complaining about the hotel meals served to him during the Covid-19 pandemic. The knifeman, who was from Sudan, had threatened violence against other refugees and complained he was “very hungry” in recent days after being re-housed in the hotel, an activist told the Telegraph.

Mears Group, an asylum accommodation contractor, is believed to have been employed by the Home Office to relocate around 400 asylum seekers in Glasgow as part of a safeguarding measure throughout the pandemic. 

They were rehomed across six hotels in the city, including at the 91 room hotel in West George Street where the attacks happened. The hotel residents claimed they were forced to share bathrooms with other residents, making social distancing impossible and were said to have refused to eat the “inadequate food” provided by the hotels out of protest.

Whether it really was inaqequate, or was perfectly wholesome but bland to the foreign palate would be a matter of opinion. 

Latest Tweet from Police Scotland

Police Scotland @policescotland The incident in West George Street #Glasgow is not being treated as terrorism. The investigation is continuing.


As retweeted by Scotland’s Justice Minister HumzaYousaf.

The incident in Glasgow is not being treated by Police as terrorism. Depressingly yet predictably some are using horrific incident to further their far-right agenda. Glasgow won’t stand for your divisive hatred, so don’t even try it Let’s keep victims & families in our thoughts

The good news is the earlier reports of three deaths (not including the knifeman) seems to have been premature. It was reported by newspapers and media organisation that are usually cautious with facts, eg the BBC, the Telegraph, The Times, Sky news. but the current headline at the Telegraph is now

Glasgow stabbings: Suspect shot dead by police in hotel attack. 

  1. Police have said the suspect has been shot and has died. 
  2. Six people remain in hospital with injuries.
  3. A police officer was stabbed in the attack and is currently being treated in hospital. They are said to be in a critical but stable condition, Police Scotland have said.

To repeat a comment to the police tweet

of course not, they never are.. another lone wolf I see, seem to be a lot of those. 

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