The Irish government has been slammed for paying journalists to write good news stories about Project Ireland 2040.


Breitbart reports that last week the Irish government unveiled plans to boost its 4.7 million population by 1 million people through mass migration.They will spend €116 billion to implement this plan, called Ireland 2040.

Last Friday’s Times of London also reported that the Irish government’s strategic communications unit had paid for sponsored “news pieces” about Project 2040 in national and regional newspapers, and these “could not include negative or critical content”.  

Speaking in the Irish parliament, or Dáil, opposition leader Micheál Martin branded the government’s use of the media to promote its scheme “ethically dubious”. One commentator on social media noted:

Doubling the population of every city outside Dublin through mass immigration to drive up consumption and inflate housing costs to prop-up a pyramid scheme economy is not an intelligent idea. It’s going to wreck the nation and enrich only the landed gentry and those at the top.

Weighing in with her usual frankness, For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters says that this is yet another scheme to replace European populations with third world immigrants against the will of the people. And another example of the MSM’s complicity in the death of democracy in Europe.   

As many of the immigrants ‘by previous evidence’, she says, will come from Africa and the Middle East and will be unemployable, they will further stress the already over-burdened Irish taxpayers who will have to pay for immigrants’ housing, welfare, education etc., in some cases for generations. And all the politicians are going along with it – no one in parliament objects to this stuff either in the UK or Ireland. And so, the little people continue to be put in their places and are told just to ‘shut up and pay the bills’. 

She asks; How dare they do this to us?

Yeah, how, and why?

One possible answer that Waters cites is a Twitter message which opines, ‘it’s payback time’.

Payback time for what, she asks? This is a moral position? The descendants of Europeans deserve to be punished? Is this a moral position and does it apply only to Europeans, forever to be punished for the actions of their ancestors? Does this mean we can punish Turkey for the Armenian genocide, or the descendants of Barbary Pirates for slaving? Or is it only just Europeans that must pay?

This is ridiculous, spiteful, self-hatred – generations who actually believe that they and their countries deserve to suffer and suffer they will if a tiny country like Ireland opens its borders for importing 1 million people, not coming from Finland or Norway. You won’t like it when it happens.

So, leftist self-hatred and spite?

Evil aliens?

The Barcelona Agreement?


George Soros?

Satan and his minions?

Enquiring minds want to know. 

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