The Pathetic Miko Peled

by Gary Fouse

Miko Peled


Being a pro-Israel activist while teaching at the University of California at Irvine, I had a chance to see, hear and challenge my share of misfits who came to speak on behalf of the pro-Palestinian forces on campus. From George Galloway to Hatem Bazian, to Norman Finkelstein, to Amir Abdel Malik Ali, to Omar Barghouti, to Abdul Alim Musa and many others, the list of obnoxious characters has been long. One of the most obnoxious, however, has been the Israeli-born, son of a prominent Israeli general, Miko Peled. This character now makes his residence in Southern California, which allows him to travel from one speaking venue to another (usually university campuses) not only taking the Palestinian side of the conflict, but challenging Israel’s very right to exist.

Peled is back in the news following this week’s tragic massacre of over 300 Sufi Muslims by Muslim terrorists (who consider peaceful Sufis as heretics) at a mosque in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. In the above tweet, Peled laid the blame directly on the government of  Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and his “collaboration” with Israel.

Leaving aside the obvious refusal to blame the true culprits (Islamic terrorists mostly likely affiliated with ISIS), Peled talks of “regional instability” caused by el-Sisi’s “criminal collaboration” with Israel as causing the carnage. What Peled leaves out is that el-Sisi and the Egyptian military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohamed Morsi, a government that would have led their country back into a disastrous war with Israel if allowed to remain in power. You talk about instability. El-Sisi is no Jeffersonian democrat, but what is wrong with keeping the peace with Israel except in Peled’s fevered imagination?

I had my own chance to listen to Peled’s poison when he came to speak at UC Irvine in 2013. On this occasion, Peled showed his temper when he stopped in mid speech to protest my videotaping him. He lost that battle as the dean of students had to inform his Muslim Student Union sponsors that I had every right to videotape. Peled thought I was breaking “the rules” because the MSU had said no videotaping would be allowed. He and the MSU were never taught the law, however, as it applies to public events.

Peled no doubt would prefer to see Egypt go to war with Israel (and emerge victorious) something that isn’t going to happen with el-Sisi in power. In the meantime, Peled is going to have to stew in his own well-known anger. He is truly a pathetic figure.



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  1. My high school Russian teacher, a Polish war hero, once told the class that some of the worst ant-Semites were Jews. I remember being puzzled by that at the time, but since then I’ve come to understand his wisdom.

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