‘The Real Anthony Fauci, the Movie’ May Turn Out to Be the Film of Our Time

by Roger L. Simon

I have only seen part one ofThe Real Anthony Fauci, the Movie”—the compelling and harrowing cinematic adaptation of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s bestseller, written and directed by Kala Mandrake and produced by Jeff Hays and Kennedy—making it premature to call it the “film of our times.”

Nevertheless, from clips of the sequel that appear as a teaser at the end, I am confident that part two will, if anything, be more gut-wrenching—as if anything could be worse than Fauci practically force-feeding risky AIDS drugs with recorded toxicities to untold numbers of people in Africa and innocent black orphans in the Bronx in the 1980s. The heartbreaking results of the drug trials are hard to watch.

And yet, as this documentary is being released, and after everything we now know, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices still voted 15-0 on Oct. 15 to add COVID-19 vaccination to the pediatric immunization schedule for public schools.

So, despite some gratuitous swipes at Donald Trump, which I will get into later, and, thankfully brief, attempts to resurrect the reputation of Edward Kennedy—the author is Bobby Kennedy’s son, after all, and remains, in some narrow sense, a Democrat, of his father’s era anyway—I will go out on a limb and say this film will take the mantle of our age.

This is no mean trick, since I and many others tremendously admire Amanda Milius’s terrific adaptation of Lee Smith’s own superb bestseller “The Plot Against the President.”

But Lee’s work is only about the treasonous activities of ambitious scoundrel politicians and bureaucrats, even if their evil rivals the Medicis and Borgias with overtones of Macbeth.

Kennedy’s documentary is literally about the devil.

Actually, two devils—Fauci and Bill Gates.

You gasp when two-thirds of the way through, you cut to a wide shot of Gates’s estate on Lake Washington, realizing how close the two men are tied together—how the Gates Foundation feeds Big Pharma as Fauci clears the way “scientifically” and the two men (and their pals) make immense fortunes at the expense of the lives and well-being of most of humanity.

We watch them lie to deceive us for their own advantage multiple times, as we do their only somewhat lesser devil, Mark Zuckerberg.

This documentary is a record of the malfeasances of the post-modern world, where facts no longer matter, only power.

The documentary does a particularly good job of reminding us of the unspeakable lives most of us have been living for the past few years by putting it in a historical context. It’s depressing to view at moments, but it’s worth seeing in totality because you grasp it better—at least I did.

The film also should go in a time capsule for generations far in the future to examine and hopefully avoid imitating.

Most of us lived, in varying degrees, in a government-induced nightmare. But as with a nightmare, replaying it deliberately is curiously compelling. Could we all have gone through that? Can we stop it now before they try it again? (They are.)

Along the way, you will meet many of the courageous doctors who went against the government diktats, some of whom will be familiar to readers of The Epoch Times (Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Harvey Risch), others not.

Surprisingly missing, however, is Dr. Scott Atlas—for all I know he may be in part two—whose book, “A Plague Upon Our House,” was quite revealing of the interplay of forces at the beginning of the pandemic, how Trump was being manipulated by Dr. Deborah Birx into going along with her and Fauci’s program.

Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. seems a tad too eager to dump on Trump, though I have to admit Operation Warp Speed wasn’t 45th’s finest hour. He acted too precipitously, afraid that America’s magnificent economy would come tumbling down. It did.

But Kennedy is clearly smart enough not to take Trump-ese at face value and to understand 45’s style of speaking. Yet, he appears to buy into the mainstream media’s propagandistic versions too easily, even though the MSM has done its best to excoriate or ignore RFK Jr.’s book and doubtless also this film.

Like Alan Dershowitz, he’s probably still yearning for those parties in Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe he should come over to John Rich’s place. It’s more fun.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to his new book—“The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19”—being published on Dec. 13.

Meanwhile, see the film now at this link free of charge.  Who knows how long it will be available in a world where the First Amendment is being stomped on with jackboots?

First published in the Epoch Times.


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