Tommy Robinson receives the Free Press Society award for 2019 in Copenhagen today


News of this spread by word of mouth and via Ezra Levant and Rebel Media. The award couldn’t be presented during 2019 as Tommy was in prison. I was looking for news via the Free Press Society’s own website. But as explained on the Vlad Tepes blog earlier this week

Spokeswoman, Tania Groth, board member of the Danish Free Press Society, explains to Vlad Tepes that all attempts to promote or explain the event are being censored by Facebook with the message:

“Your post is against the fellowship rules regarding dangerous persons or organizations”

The chairman of the Free speech org, Trykkefrihedsselskabet, put out a link to the event on Facebook. And was suspended not only 30 days but permanently.

But as Lars Hedigaard says: “Better to die than shut up”.

Below, a cartoon from the Danish Free Press newsletter:

Bubble one: (Spoken by ANTIFA) “Here comes the violent psychopath, Tommy Robinson”

Bubble two: (Spoken by ANTIFA) “Yeah! He looks like a real fascist pig!”

Ezra Levant’s tweets report from Copenhagen today. 

Tommy was welcomed to the Parliament of Denmark by Danish MP Marie Krarup of the Dansk Folkeparti. She noted that threats from Antifa mandated that the awards ceremony had to be in a high-security facility. 

Marie Krarup herself tweeted a photograph of Tommy at the award ceremony.

Video of the introduction to Tommy below. I hear that the live stream was cut off after half an hour. That may not be suspicious of course…. Not. 

And his speech in the second video

Tommy’s speech. Note the applause from an audience who look like typical English football thugs? Or respectable Danes?

Tommy thanked the Danish parliament for allowing him to speak compared with the Czech government who invited him but had to cancel the event due to threats of violence. It’s an hour long including video clips of his critics but I think it will be worthwhile listening.

2 Responses

  1. I’m wondering how the UK media will spin this. When the award was won by respected philosopher Roger Scruton the BBC were happy to cover it but there seems to be a mandate, as shown in his speech, that Robinson must be lied about and silenced at all costs.

  2. So far UK media are ignoring it. The news reports about him this week are solely about a forthcoming case at Luton Magistrates Court where the authorities are applying to have him banned from attending football matches.
    Only Ruptly (Russia Today as was) has covered the IFSS award in English.

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