Trouble in Telford – Police finally admit arson and physical attacks are linked and why

I have known about this for a couple of days, but am reluctant to post things that have either not been witnessed by me personally or one of a trusted group of friends, or are in a MSM source who can handle the fall-out if the authorities get ‘annoyed’.  Update below

Only the name of the person running the investigation is omitted; I can tell you that it is he-who-must-not-be-named T0mmy R0bins0n. 

This has now hit the Birmingham Mail, with a statement by the West Mercia Police.

Police patrols stepped up in Telford amid spate of ‘criminal damage and arson’ The West Mercia force appeared to link crime spree to independent investigation into child sexual exploitation.

A statement from the West Mercia force appeared to link incidents of criminal damage and suspected arson in the past week to an independent investigation into child sexual exploitation in the Shropshire town.

The Police statement says 

We are aware of continued concerns within the local community following a number of incidents which have taken place in Telford over the last week.  These include criminal damage and suspected arson. Investigations in to these incidents are ongoing.

Jamie Dunn, Superintendent for Telford, said: “I’m aware of current concerns within the local community and I’d like to assure the public that all incidents are being taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. Support is also being offered to the victims. We’ll be conducting additional high visibility patrols in key areas over the coming days to provide reassurance to the local community. We are also continuing to engage with key local partners and are always available should anyone wish to discuss any concerns.

“There is currently an independent investigation underway regarding child sexual exploitation in Telford and we await the report, therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further on this at this time. However, I can confirm that we have fully engaged with the enquiry and continue to offer support to victims.”

Followed by Crime reporting information. 

The Shropshire Star newspaper has been reporting individual incidents for some days.  On 31st December thus

Police investigating two suspected arson attacks where flames spread from cars to buildings, and criminal damage say they are thoroughly investigating but do not think they are linked.

West Mercia officers have also stressed they are working with the victims and have appealed for victims. At 8.30pm on Thursday (30th December) fire crews dealt with a car fire at Merlin Coppice, in Apley, Telford. Just before 10pm firefighters went to Thornton Park Avenue, Muxton, Telford, to reports of a house fire and discovered it has spread from a car blaze. Both fires left the cars with major damage.

And on January 3rd (yesterday) 

Police and fire investigation officers have been probing the cause of a car fire outside a Telford hotel. The blaze began at about 8pm on Sunday outside the Whitehouse Hotel on Watling Street, Wellington. The cause of the blaze has not yet been revealed.

The car outside the hotel belonged to, or was being used by T0mmy R0bins0n. The cars and houses subject to the arson attacks beong to families of girls who have suffered at the hands of ‘grooming gangs’. T0mmy is making a documentary on the continuing rape, sexual abuse and violence by Muslim gangs against young girls, entitled The Rape of Britain,  and these attacks seem to be a response by the men about to be accused in it to the recently released trailer for the documentary. That is anticipated in full on 29th January. 

There is also a report of a woman bystander, nothing to do with T0mmy’s team or the documentary being assaulted with a baseball bat. As and when I hear more I’ll update this. 

Regular readers will know that Telford was the centre of a rape gang, or gangs (they will all be linked) who were convicted and sentenced at Crown Court Birmingham in 2019, and several linked cases tried and sentenced during 2013,  All very nasty, and still going on, and not just in Telford as we know well. 

As I said, I’ll update in due course.

Update – The Birmingham Mail have now mentioned T0mmy and quoted him as receiving threats. 

Arsonists have allegedly ‘blown up’ far-right activist Tommy Robinson’s car outside a hotel in Telford. The former English Defence League leader has claimed his vehicle was torched in the town by people determined to ‘silence him’.

True to the protocol imposed on journalists they refer to him as ‘far-right’ and the inevitable “campaigner Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon”.


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