Trump 2024! MAGA will Rise Again!

by Rebecca Bynum

Our beloved President has seemingly suffered a grievous loss by the slimmest of margins, but he is far from out of the political game. Assuming the vote totals hold, I look forward to him being a thorn in the side of President-elect Biden throughout the next four years while we continue to expand the Republican base and the great political re-alignment continues. The Republican Party is now the party of the working man, the farmers, the common-sense countryside. The Democrats are now the party of the global elites and the cities; it is now the party which flirts with socialism and many other unrealistic views of human nature.

The old establishment Republicans will try to take power back, but I believe it’s too late for that now. The Party has momentum in the direction Trump has laid out – there is no future in going back to the country-club Republicans. The cheap-labor promoting Chamber of Commerce Republican Party is dead as a dodo.

Trump has the heart of a lion. He will not go quietly into retirement. He will come back stronger than ever and lead us to victory once again, especially considering the reckless policies Biden is likely to preside over. God help us.

Now, we press on to secure the Senate, then to take back the House in 2022, then the Presidency in 2024. MAGA will rise again!


2 Responses

  1. hopeful, upbeat, accurate.
    trump is/was/will be a fantastic president.
    the great crisis exposed by this election cycle is the now obvious conflict between urban and non-urban; urban people NEED massive government, non-urban people want as little government as possible. limited government is the american way supported by the constitution. as the apparent president-elect said –we’ve got a long, dark winter ahead.
    prayers for the country in the coming days, thanks and kudos to president trump for his superb patriotism and leadership. maga!!

  2. Nicely written…
    The problem with urban vs non-urban voters is very obvious. Looking at the map, one sees a sea of red with little blue dots superimposed.
    Admittedly the blue (urban) dots contain a high concentration of people, but there seems to be an obvious unison in the way they see things… and vote.
    I’m sure there are many theories as to why this happens, but the problem is how to handle it. The Electoral College was (to my knowledge) designed to cope with this on a state level, but on a city level?…

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