UK: That Muslim Gang Attack on Those Non-Muslim Tree Surgeons

by Hugh Fitzgerald

The horrifying story is here:

A teenage tree surgeon had his hand chopped off with an axe in an ‘appalling’ attack carried out by an armed mob sparked by a road rage row in Rochdale, a court heard.

The victim, then aged just 18, was one of four workmates set upon on Church Road, Newbold, on the afternoon of October 17, 2017 by a gang of up to 20 men.

They had been summoned by Habibur Rahman, 27, who called the victims ‘white b******s’ who were in his ‘country’, Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

One of the mob, Mohammed Awais Sajid, known as ‘Skinny’, came armed with an axe.

Others were carrying knives, machetes, a clawhammer and a knuckleduster…

Sajid, of Kings Road, Rochdale, was jailed for 18 years after being found guilty of section 18 wounding.

He was acquitted of attempted murder in an earlier trial.

There were shouts of ‘f***ing injustice! and ‘police set up’ from a man in the public gallery as he was led down to the cells, while a woman fled the court in sobs of tears.

Rahman, the instigator of the shocking street violence of Milnrow Road, Rochdale, was also found guilty of an assault charge after the court heard he used a knuckleduster to punch one of the other tree surgeons in the face, breaking his nose….

His brother Zillur Rahman, 29, was jailed for three years for conspiracy to commit violent disorder after he admitted making phone calls to summon the gang.

Judge John Potter said the horrific events began at around 4pm when Habibur Rahman manager of his family’s restaurant the Baytree in Blackley, ‘took offence’ at the driving of an elderly woman on Church Road.

“You shouted abuse at her and two tree surgeons passing by intervened.

Rahman screamed at the elderly lady who was driving —no doubt she was going too slowly for his tastes and thus, by his reckoning, she deserved his “shouting abuse” at her. She was an Infidel, after all. Two tree surgeons driving by stepped in as defenders of the defenseless, to halt his verbal assault.

A scuffle took place between Habibur Rahman and one of the tree surgeons.”

Rahman then made it clear that he had been ‘disrespected’ on his ‘territory’ and decided to enact ‘swift retribution’, the judge said.

Rahman was a gang leader defending his turf. Or rather, not defending it, because there was no attempt by the tree surgeons to lay claim to it; having ended the lady’s distress, they promptly went about their business. They were innocent and inoffensive unless you count, as Rahman did, their coming to the elderly lady’s defense as an offense. As Rahman saw it, he was perfectly entitled to scream at the woman; she was in his territory, the “white bastards” had “disrespected” him by daring to interfere when he yelled at her. And they were on his turf, the turf of the local Muslims. That neighborhood, as far as Habibur Rahman was concerned, was a No-Go Area for Unbelievers. Who in hell did they think they were? He’d show them. He had his brother summon by phone 18 other Muslims, none of whom were apparently at work at 4 p.m., which is understandable, given the number of Muslims living contentedly on the dole in the U.K. And they came ready not for a fair fight, but for a massacre, armed with knives, machetes, clawhammers, knuckledusters, and an axe. The Muslims were a gang, but this was not a gang fight, akin to what goes on between the Bloods and the Crips. The tree surgeons were not members of a gang; they were workers, there only to do their job and leave. They instead were the victims of  an unprovoked assault with deadly weapons.

The twenty Muslims, with Habibur Rahman at their head, were determined to inflict grievous harm on the four tree surgeons. You don’t bring knives and machetes and an axe if you are only going to rough people up.

You can imagine what those Muslims were thinking. How dare those “white bastards” think they have a right to even be in Rochdale Road, in our territory? What’s this? They’re just doing their job? So what? “It’s their country, too.” No, it isn’t. The U.K. is now our country, it belongs to us, the “best of peoples,” and not to the Infidels, the Kuffar, the “most vile of all created beings.” This is our territory. We can’t – yet – claim the whole country, but we can claim our neighborhood, and within a few years all of Newbold, and much of Manchester itself will be a place where Kuffars will know who is boss. We go to Pakistan and bring back wives, and relatives. And then their relatives come. We have big families. We take the Jizyah Seeker’s Allowance. No one can stop us.

The tree surgeons were tracked to the property they were working on nearby and were quickly confronted by Rahman and a mob that rapidly grew in number.

Habibur Rahman’s first action was to prevent the men from leaving,” said prosecutor Mr Storrie…

The tree surgeons had packed up their tools and were preparing to leave just as Habibur Rahman arrived and parked his Vauxhall behind their vehicle, making it impossible for them to drive away. Meanwhile, his brother had been on the phone, and 18 other Muslims showed up. It wasn’t going to be a fair fight. Even though there were only four “white bastards,” the Muslims were only ready to attack when they vastly outnumbered, five to one, the trapped Infidels, and furthermore, they came armed.

Speaking from his car, Rahman made chilling threats, saying: “I am not going to let them leave.

“They’re going to get what they deserve. They’re going to get stabbed.”

The Muslim mob descended on the four white men, and cornered the youngest of them. One of the Muslims, a certain Sajid, suddenly came out of his car, brandishing his axe, and swung it into the chest of the cornered Englishman, leaving him with shattered ribs and a collapsed lung. Then he swung again, this time aiming at the head. Fortunately, Sajid’s victim put up his arm to protect himself, thus avoiding a probably fatal head wound, but the axe hit his wrist, severing his hand.

In an interview, Rahman claimed he was subjected to racist threats from the four tree surgeons.

But sentencing, Judge Potter said this was a ‘pack of lies’.

Judge Potter’s forthrightness is welcome: a “pack of lies.” Many others, too, in the U.K. and all over the Western world, must be getting heartily sick of Muslim malefactors playing the victim, forever claiming “racist threats.” There were no threats. The tree surgeons, having stopped Rahman’s abuse of that elderly lady driver, simply drove on to their workplace. They had no interest in taking Habibur Rahman on. They had work to finish.

“Racist threats”?  There was no evidence presented to back up that claim. This is standard Muslim victimization: “We were being taunted by “racists,” who made “threats” against us. We had done nothing to anyone. We were minding our own business, and when they made those “racist threats,” we were only “fighting back.” Was assembling a mob of twenty men, armed with knives, machetes, clawhammers, and an axe, required to answer “racist threats”?

He said: “The fact that a mob could be mobilised so quickly and so heavily-armed is clear evidence in my judgement that you are each associated with gang activity.”

Judge Potter described the violence as Rahman’s gang ‘asserting control’ over the neighbourhood of Newbold.

Of course. Rahman and his friends all regarded their own neighborhood as a Muslim“territory” within the U.K. Not yet a No-Go Area, but close.

Sajid [the man with the axe] arrived at the scene just as the violence began.

Mr Storrie [the prosecutor] said he launched a ‘devastating attack’ on the youngest of the tree surgeon crew that was ‘to shape irreversibly the events of the afternoon.’

Sajid arrived by car, halting to get out and stride towards the confrontation; he had secreted his weapon down the waistband of his trousers; he removed it and, without the slightest hesitation or inquiry, in his first blow, he struck out at the chest wall of [the victim],” said Mr Storrie…”

His first blow shattered ribs and caused a collapsed lung. He then followed up up with a 360 degree spin of his arm, an act which was doubtless employed to enhance the speed and devastation of the attack. The blow itself was aimed at the victim’s head.

This was a  blow intended to kill. That the second one did not do so is only because the victim had raised his arm in time to protect himself, losing not his life but “only” a severed hand.

Judge Potter said none of the group had showed ‘a shred of remorse’ throughout proceedings, refusing to give evidence during two trials….

Sajid was not alone. There were up to  20 Muslim men in that mob, ready to attack with a their machetes, knives, clawhammers, and hoping to mortally wound if they could, these four British men, who had done nothing whatever to any of them, except to prevent Habibur Rahman continuing to heap abuse on an elderly woman driver. They came when summoned to take care of the “white bastards.”

Fortunately, the prosecutor was forceful, and the judge himself no-nonsense in his attitude. It is not always thus. Sajid was sentenced to 20 years. Others received lesser sentences. It is unfortunate, however, that Habibur Rahman himself received a sentence of only 3 ½ years. Did the instigator of the whole business deserve a sentence so much lighter than that of Sajid?

The man whose hand was severed has already had five operations. He will never have more than 60% use of that hand, which likely means he will have to change professions.

And just as not a single one of the Muslims who took part in this atrocity expressed any remorse – why should they, to a kuffar judge in a courtroom full of kuffars, daring to impose kuffar law on them, as they are the “best of peoples” – the Muslims in the courtroom were outraged by the verdict. There were shouts, as noted before,  of “f***ing injustice!” and “police set up” from a man in the public gallery as he was led down to the cells, while a woman fled the court sobbing hysterically. Not a single Muslim came forward then, or has done so since, to denounce the gang.

One hopes this incident, in all its horrific detail, is well covered in the media. It is one more ray of reality, allowed to light up the darkness about Islam, and to alert more British people to a fate many more are likely to suffer, if they don’t wake up.

First publishd in Jihad Watch.


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