West Yorkshire Police name 32 men charged with historic child sex offences in Kirklees

From the Huddersfield Examiner

Police have named 32 men charged with historic child sex offences including the rape and exploitation of eight girls.

The men, aged from 33 to 50 years old and mostly from Dewsbury and Batley, were charged with a number of offences as part of Operation Tourway – an investigation into non-recent child sexual exploitation in parts of West Yorkshire. The charges involve eight girls who were aged between 13 and 16 years old at the time of the alleged offences, said to have occurred between 1999-2012.

West Yorkshire Police said some of the victims were also subjected to offences when they were young adults.

The men are due to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court on December 11 and December 14.

West Yorkshire Police list the men and the charges they are facing. You can follow this link to see it all: The names are:

Asif Ali  (50) of Batley; Amer Ali Hussain (42) of Batley; Sarfraz Miraf (45) of Dewsbury; Nazam Hussain – (43) of  Dewsbury; Mohammed Nazam Nasser (35) of Batley;  Moshin Nadat (35) from Batley; Michael Birkenshaw (34) from Wakefield;  Zafar Qayum (41) from Dewsbury; Jabbar Qayum (39) from Dewsbury; Ansar Mahmood Qayum  (43) from Dewsbury; Mohammed Tauseef Hanif (36) from Dewsbury; Ali Hussain Shah (35) from Dewsbury; Saleem Mohammed Nasir (44) from Dewsbury; Amran Mehrban (37) from Batley; Ebrahim Pandor (41) from Dewsbury; Shakil Daji  (41) from Batley; Mohammed Imran Zada (41) from Batley; Sarkaut Yasen (35) from Dewsbury; Amjad Hussain (41) from Dewsbury; Asuk Hussain (50) from Dewsbury; Zafar Iqbal (35) from Batley; Nasar Iqbal  (35) from Batley; Bilal Mahmood Patel (38) from Leicester; Khurum Raziq (38) from Heckmondwike; Irfan Khan (34) from Batley; Omar Farooq Hussain (36) from Dewsbury; Sarfraz Hussain Riaz (37) from Liversedge; Rameez Cheema (33) from Batley; Nasar Hussain (42) from Dewsbury; Mohammed Chothia (41) from Batley; Sajad Hussain  (37) from Batley; Yasser Ali (31) from Dewsbury.

They are on bail; some of them are being summoned to court by post. Hopefully the bail status will change once they are before a magistrate.


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  1. When will perps of this sort be
    discouraged? Are chuemical castrations plus hangings the penalt6es folowing convictions? Why not? Are we rape promoters

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