Will Ilhan Omar Get Away With It All?

by Nonie Darwish

Many of us ask: How could a Muslim leftist congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, get away with all the allegations and scandals surrounding her, and continue to be supported by Democrats, the Muslim establishment and the media? So far she is getting away with serious allegations of cheating on her Muslim husband with a married man, her problematic financial entanglements, committing immigration fraud by marrying her brother to give him a green card, vowing to be President Trump’s “worst nightmare”, being an unapologetic anti-Semite, pro-BDS against Israel and now going as far as calling on the United Nations to control the US borders in order as she puts it: “To handle the massive flow of refugee humanely.”

It is not unusual for the Democrat Party and mainstream media to ignore and even defend obvious scandals of Democrat politicians while scrutinizing Republicans even for false allegations. The examples are many, but one glaring example is Ted Kennedy and another recent one is Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax’s sex scandals. Democrat politicians seem, with the help of the media, often sail through scandals unscathed.

In our culture today there is a rush to judgment to blame men, especially Republicans, who are held to a much higher standard of scrutiny than their liberal counterparts. Many careers have ended in ruins for mere allegations of cheating while married or unsubstantiated sexual harassment claims. What happened to justice Bret Kavanaugh is a glaring example of a sick pathology in our political system.

Even though the media and popular culture lectures us daily that there are no differences between men and women, yet when it comes to sexual scandals, it is men who are always blamed and women are always to be believed. Men are always the perpetrators and women are the always the victims.

The message, especially to liberal women in politics, today seems to be telling them they are above criticism and if they are criticized then they should immediately blame it on sexism and gender inequality. The media seems to ignore female politicians’ history of sexual scandals, divorces or family troubles, but seems to focus on especially republican men’s.

That trend in American politics did not go unnoticed by the Muslim political organizations in America who are eager to penetrate American politics with an Islamic agenda. This Western phenomenon of always blaming men is actually the opposite of how men and women politicians are treated in the Middle East. In the Middle East, if a woman, politician or not, is rumored to having committed adultery she is finished, but a man, politician or not, will sail to the shore unscathed by any sexual misconduct.

The Islamic strategy for political power in America, have cleverly adjusted to today’s Western culture’s use of women in politics to silence the opposition. And now most of Muslims running for political office in the Democrat party are women. That is why it is no surprise that the first two Muslims in congress are women. A Muslim male politician could probably never have been able to get away with saying: “We’re gonna impeach the M—er F—er” referring to the President of the United States.

Both Leftists and Muslims are using women to achieve their lofty goals; jihad for Muslims and socialism for Leftists. Like Leftist female politicians, Muslims like Ilhan Omar, seem to be getting away with a lot not only in American politics but also by the Muslim community and Islamic standards.

Ilhan Omar does not seem to be worried much about the accusations of adultery with an ‘infidel’ married man. She boldly states ‘no comment’ and ‘stupid’. The Muslim community has been silent so far and has not issued the usual threats against the accused woman.

Is that silence from the Islamic community a sign of a new policy of reform, tolerance and understanding of a Muslim woman falsely accused of committing adultery? Or is there another reason for the silence?

One explanation for the dead silence from the Islamic community regarding such serious allegations against Ms. Omar is because Sharia protects jihadists from being prosecuted if they misbehave and even if they commit atrocities or violate what sharia forbids under normal circumstances. In the eyes of Sharia and many Muslims regard Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib as doing Allah’s work in the American political system just like jihadists. And thus neither one of these women will be subjected to the restrictions and punishments of Sharia.

In Islamic jurisprudence, the jihadist will be forgiven for any earthly sins. That is why when ISIS jihadi fighters behead, rape, burn, kill, torture and rob, no Islamic authority, not even Al Azhar, has condemned them as un-Islamic or ‘Kafir’.

It is important to understand that for the sake of the lofty goals of jihad, a Muslim, man or woman, actively working for the goals of Islam in non-Muslim countries, will not be prosecuted for any infringement of Sharia laws as long as they are working for empowering Islam and Arab goals in America.

Ilhan Omar has conquered Sharia restrictions on women and is being rewarded not only by Leftist socialists but also by Islam itself. That is the only way a Muslim woman could be free of sharia’s wrath, by putting jihad first, especially from the halls of the US congress.

First published in the Center for Security Policy.


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