Will Sweden survive?

A report from By Svenne Tvaerskaeggn over at Gates of Vienna explains the trajectory of nuttiness that continues to unfold in Sweden.

Sweden, once a model society of hard-working and peaceable Scandinavians with one of the highest standards of living in the world, is entering into a state of dissolution.

After many decades of the first unnoticeable and now undeniable breakdown of social norms in Sweden –  the result of mass immigration from the most backward and violent countries in the world – people are beginning to wake up. And in waking up they are beginning to comment and report on these horrific happenings in alternative media.

Over the years since multiculturalism became official policy (that is, since 1975) The Swedish media has helped to keep the population in a false and dreamlike state of well-being despite the obvious, and with “an almost religious fervor” they have promoted the official government ideology of multiculturalism and its supposed benefits. Mass immigration was good for Sweden; it was culturally enriching; it vitalized the economy; it made life more worth living, etc.

For a long time, this propaganda barrage worked, but the sheer scale of what is happening now is becoming impossible to ignore, as immigrant enclaves become more unmanageable and crime spills out into the rest of the country.

Gang rapes, gang warfare, hand grenade explosions, shootings, riots and attacks against police stations, things just about unknown once are now becoming daily occurrences.

This September there is an election coming up which could prove to be the most important election in Sweden’s history, as issues around immigration, multiculturalism and the social disintegration resulting from escalating crime, will be foremost on everybody’s mind. How these issues are dealt with could determine whether Sweden lives or dies as a nation.

As the country gears up for this election the Swedish media are in crisis. 

The gap between what people see and what is reported is ever growing, so public trust in state-run television, radio and daily press is correspondingly falling. The failure of the MSM to accurately report what is happening in their country has led to the rise of a strong and increasingly influential alternative media and more and more Swedes are turning to online sources for their information.

The Swedish MSM are now in a very difficult situation.

As they lose credibility and their monopoly on information they must find a way to fend off unwelcome intrusion into their ‘propaganda bubble’ and must neutralize those who dare to report accurately.

So, the main story here is the introduction of a new treason law which is being introduced to stop the flow of unfavorable information leaking out from sources outside the mainstream media – alternative sources which are perceived by the government as damaging to Sweden’s image.   

The law is not likely to come into force before September, but the government is deploying weapons to silence critics in time for the coming election campaigns. For example, they have apparently financed a group of online investigators to monitor social media and discussion groups in order to hunt down and report to the police, posters of  so-called “hate speech”.

The Moderates, who are the main opposition party in Sweden say they will support the proposal, which makes it just about certain it will become law. 

Of course, the alternative media are worried about the effect this law will have on critics of government policy and an online petition against it has already been started. 

But it is worrying. 

Calling all Vikings? 



One Response

  1. No end to this avalanching insane suicidality.
    Moderates are the blind leading the dumb and numb to doom. The Aztec priests are pleased, “How Swede it is,” they parody as they parade around their altar of bloody lies.
    The grisly chorus of MSM (Monstrous Slavish Maggots) salivate in their sadistic sabotage and greed for ratings and its monetary rewards.
    The high authorities, suffering from ED, Elitist Defeatism, are the new Pied Pipers of doom.

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