A Bad Week For Freedom of Speech

by Gary Fouse

It’s been a bad week for the First Amendment in the US and freedom of speech in general. First, Frontpage Magazine editor Jamie Glazov had his Facebook account suspended for a week after he was threatened by some Muslim guy identified as Mohammed Irfan Ayoub, who threatened to “break (Glazov’s mouth”. Glazov, who used no such language himself, found himself being punished. Talk about blaming the victim.

That takes us to Germany, whose government under Angela Merkel has entered into an agreement with Facebook to censor any language critical of Merkel’s insane immigration policy or criticism of the savage behavior of so many of the people who are flooding into the country. This week, Vlad Tepes blog posted a video on YouTube showing a Muslim guy in Berlin attacking a young Jewish man wearing a kippah with a belt and calling him “Jew” in Arabic. YouTube took it down with a warning to Vlad Tepes that he had been issued a “strike”-as in three strikes you’re out.  Vlad Tepes promptly re-posted the video on Bitchute.

Going back to March, I experienced censorship first hand at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California. When a group of us attended a public event featuring a Muslim speaker giving a sugar coated presentation entitled, Islam 101, and participated in the q and a in a polite manner, the campus gendarmes were called, and questioners were told that they could not ask questions (even though they had been invited to ask questions, raised their hands, and were recognized).

This comes at a time when the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest bloc in the UN, is pressuring that body to pass a resolution to call on all member nations to pass defamation of religion legislation which would criminalize criticism of religions (meaning: Islam) even though Islam condemns other religions on a daily basis, for example in their daily prayers (Sura one, verses 1-7).

It is clear that freedom of speech is under attack in the West. Europe, though democratic, does not have the First Amendment, and citizens can be prosecuted for things they say especially against the Religion of Peace. Just ask Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, or Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria, or Tommy Robinson in the UK, or Michael Stuerzenberger in Germany.

We need to stand up for our basic rights, which are under attack, and these violations need to be publicized to the widest extent.


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