David Gaubatz, CAIR and the ISNA

by Jerry Gordon (July 2009)

David Gaubatz is probably the most intrepid of counterterrorism private investigators. His pioneering work in investigating extremist Mosques in America has documented the Saudi Wahhabi funding of three fourths of American Mosques. His research has developed metrics based on Shariah law that provide indicators of radicalism in these Mosques. We noted
his considerable accomplishments:

Gaubatz, who was senior project leader of the Mapping Sharia Project, has conducted undercover investigations in more than 200 Mosques in America.  He and his colleagues have found that 75% of these Mosques require adherence to strict Islamic Sharia law. There is also a high correlation with Imams who distribute Islamic terrorist materials in these radical Mosques. Gaubatz makes the comment, “that while we haven’t experienced more 9/11s, the reality is that radical Islam’s Grand Jihad has moved forward to infiltrate our government and society.”
Gaubatz and a team of investigators recently unveiled evidence of  child abuse at the radical Al Farooq Nashville mosque at a recent NER symposium. He has obtained CAIR’s strategic plans furthering the goals of Jihad in America. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS) and a host of other Muslim Brotherhood fronts were identified as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial record.
Gaubatz started a 50 State Counterterrorism tour this summer. One of his first stops was to attend the ISNA annual convention in Washington, DC over the Fourth of July weekend. He hoped to obtain additional confirmation of Jihad plans at the ISNA Washington convention. However, in a FrontPageMagazine article he drew attention to CAIR’s intent to legally prevent him from entering the ISNA convention.
Gaubatz had attended the 2008 ISNA convention and had pre-registered for the 2009 one. When he entered the grounds and attempted to claim his registration, he was immediately accosted and told to leave. The ensuing scuffles led to his being threatened with arrest by the DC Metro police. Reports on his experience can be found at WorldNet Daily, the American Thinker and the Atlas Shrugs blog.
We asked Gaubatz to discuss what happened to him at the ISNA Washington convention.  
Gordon:  Briefly describe what precipitated your ejection from the ISNA convention site?
Gaubatz:  I had attended the ISNA Conference in Ohio, 2008. The purpose was to determine what Islamic terrorist materials were being distributed. This was under my true name and complete registration fees. CAIR executives (Hooper, Awad, and Saylor) had falsely informed and misled the FBI, local police, and ISNA security staff; that I was a ‘threat to their security.’ I had been researching CAIR activity for several years and the executives knew I had information on their criminal and unethical activities. While informing the FBI I was a ‘threat,’ they were informing their CAIR employees I actually was not, but it would embarrass and intimidate them by my continuing research. I do have written statements from CAIR personnel that Hooper, Saylor, and Awad lied to the FBI.
On 28 June 2009, I again registered for the ISNA Conference (DC). On 30 June 2009, CAIR attorney ‘Martin F. McMahon’ contacted me with a threatening letter demanding that I not attend the ISNA Conference in DC. ISNA did not cancel my reservations and charged my credit card $100.00 for the conference. I was provided my confirmation number and welcome letter by ISNA. I was not going to be threatened by CAIR terror supporters, but of course if ISNA had cancelled my reservation I would not have gone there on 4 July 2009. This should show the American people how close the ISNA and CAIR actually are.  ISNA gave my home address and registration information to CAIR.
Readers can go to www.daveg.us (my only internet site) to view my Invitation to the 2009 Conference and my Registration. I had never been asked by ISNA not to attend.  To the contrary, I was openly invited.
On 4 July 2009, when I arrived at the Washington DC Convention Center (WCC), I immediately went to the ISNA registration desk to check in and receive my credentials. I handed my ID and ISNA confirmation letter to the young lady at the desk. After several minutes of waiting I was approached by men in suits. They did not introduce themselves, and told me to follow them. I had no idea who this group of people was.  I looked around and realized I was encircled by people in suits. I asked who they were several times. I was not going to follow them anywhere. They were trying to intimidate me and again would produce no identification or even their names. I was professional and after approximately 20 minutes was told by an ISNA official that their ‘parent organization’ said I was a ‘threat’ and must leave. I insisted on speaking with a manager of ISNA. That request was refused. Finally, a man in a suit approached and gave me his business card. His name was listed as Gerald M. Wilson, Director of Public Safety, and Washington Convention Center. Phone: 202-249-3158. Email: [email protected].
I attempted to have Mr. Wilson explain what the problem was.  He would essentially only say the ISNA conference was a private conference and only invited guests could attend. I realized it was useless to explain I had paid and was an invited guest, but since Mr. Wilson did identify himself, I left the conference building. Readers should respectfully ask Mr. Wilson for more details.  
Gordon:  What actions did the ISNA take vis a vis the DC Metro Police and what did you do?
Gaubatz:  When I left the ISNA Conference I saw several Metro PD vehicles outside. I had parked about one block away. One Metro vehicle kept pulling up beside me. I had my digital camera visible and began snapping pictures. He did the same. I reached my vehicle and got inside to leave. Then a tap on the window. A Metro officer asked me to get out of my vehicle. Of course I complied. He said, “You know why we asked you to get out of your vehicle don’t you?” I said, “No I do not.” He then said something about having pictures of me given to him by Conference officials. He showed them to me and asked about the weapons in one of the pictures. I calmly and professionally explained to him and the other officers nearby that these pictures were taked during the war in Iraq (2003), and I had been the 1st Civilian Federal Agent hand-picked to be sent into the war zone at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The actual photographs showed me holding the hand of a sick Iraqi child that I was trying to help at the start of the war. Of course CAIR/ISNA had doctored this photo and only depicted me with my M-16 and 9mm sidearm.
I could see the officer questioning me and the officers surrounding him jaws drop. It was very apparent ISNA/CAIR, and WCC staff had provided the officers these doctored photographs showing me with weapons and had told them I was a ‘threat.’ The officers knew they had been deceived by the Islamic organizational staff.
I communicated with the primary officer who had questioned me. We both know I was one innocent action away from being killed. These officers had recently gone through the Holocaust Museum tragedy, and they were on edge. If I had not been trained and done everything cordially and professionally, I might have been shot. Many citizens may have innocently or nervously reached for a wallet in a glove compartment, or reached into a bag to get registration. Based on the information CAIR and their supporters had given the Metro PD, they might have been shot. This was what CAIR was trying to provoke.
CAIR or their supporters did not care if Metro PD officers killed an innocent person. 
Gordon: Given your ejection from the ISNA conference, what do you think motivated it?
Gaubatz:  I have said many times over the years that CAIR, ISNA, MSA, MANA and a host of other acronyms are one in the same. The executives support one another and have the same agenda: a worldwide Islamic Ummah under Sharia law. Any private or public organization that supports them financially is supporting terrorism against America, Israel, and innocent children throughout the world. CAIR and these organizations know I have evidence of their ties to terrorists and other unethical activity. They will go to any length to have me stopped from producing this evidence. All evidence will be produced to law enforcement and the public before Oct 2009. This I guarantee.
Gordon: Was the controversial Justice Department booth at the ISNA conference, was a wise move?
Gaubatz: ISNA, CAIR, and the others involved know they are all linked together as “one.” No law enforcement department regardless of being local, state, or federal should support in anyway, ISNA or CAIR. Right now CAIR’s Hooper, Awad, Saylor and others will do anything to keep people like myself quiet. CAIR does not have to issue a ‘fatwa’ to kill me. They simply need to inform the Muslim Ummah I am bringing forward anti-Islamic intelligence. These organizations count on ‘lone wolves’ to stop people like me. Their message, just like the message of Osama Bin Laden, has already been distributed worldwide:  Oppose Islam in any way, or be critical of their activities and you become their open target.
Gordon:   What have you heard from your sources about alleged dissension within the DOJ and FBI concerning representatives at the Washington ISNA convention?
Gaubatz: These agencies will be there to support and give credibility to ISNA and the other terrorist supporters with the same ideology. This does not mean numerous individual DOJ and FBI personnel desire to have anything to do with these terror-supporting groups. On the contrary, they may be attending to pick up intelligence.
Gordon: Do you believe that your ejection was a violation of free speech rights as a working journalist and investigator on Islamic extremism?
Gaubatz:  I have already informed the Metro PD I am seeking charges related to unlawful detention and assault. As mentioned above the group of people who surrounded me was trying to get me to an undisclosed location. Some people might have left with them out of fear. Were they going to kidnap me, kill me? I did not know. This was more than just an ejection. I thwarted their action by using my professional training.
Gordon:  Do you believe, as in the recent case of Joe Kaufman and the Texas court decision, that your blogging and FrontPage Magazine articles had anything to do with your ejection?
Gaubatz: No. Many people blog. Many people write articles. These organizations are very sophisticated, well funded, and have political clout. I and a few others have gotten too close to their leaders and they know if we continue researching and bringing forward the evidence, they will end up in prison like Ali Al Timimi, Ismail Royer, and several others who support terrorism against Israel and America.
Gordon:  Do you believe you may be sued by the ISNA?
Gaubatz:  I encourage ISNA, CAIR, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, or any Islamic terrorist organization to follow through on a lawsuit. When Americans become intimidated by them, we lose. Not only do we lose, our children lose and we will lose our country.
Gordon: What is next on your 50 state Counterterrorism Tour this summer?
Gaubatz: CAIR, ISNA, and the terrorist supporting law firm of ‘Martin F. McMahon’ have threatened me and attempted to provoke an attack on me at the ISNA Conference. I do not fear any of them. I will continue my open and very public research. However, I will focus time and resources to connect the McMahon law firm to CAIR and the other Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Their vast financial resources will not prevent me from completing my work in a legal and professional manner.
Gordon: Thank you Dave Gaubatz for this interview about the Jihad attack on you at the ISNA convention in Washington, DC.

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