Sue the Bastards

by Armando Simón (January 2023)

The Dangerous Cooks, James Ensor, 1896


It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere. —Voltaire


My father was a physician in Cuba, back when doctors made routine house calls and before the Communists took over the country, whereupon even the most basic medical equipment and medicine disappeared (except for Communist Party members and visiting sympathetic leftist foreigners like Michael Moore). In South American countries, doctors are highly esteemed. My family was often invited by patients to visit for dinner or stay for the weekend in their farms. In short, the doctor-patient relationship extended outside the clinic.

He would often receive surprise gifts, such as lobsters from fishermen, and on his birthday would receive the occasional gift (the best one being a Rolex from a wealthy patient). And, if you think about it, it made sense. My father kept them healthy and occasionally saved their lives. Like every doctor in the world.

Imagine our shock when we came to this country and we learned doctors were at times sued by their patients. It was incomprehensible. In fact, American doctors worked in fear of lawsuits and ultimately came to take out insurance to stave off attacks by avaricious patients. Lawyers were the cause by appealing to the worst instincts in people: greed.

Mind you, in rare cases it could be justified, such as an alcoholic doctor performing surgery, although the proper way should be revoking the physician’s license. But most of the lawsuits were frivolous, if not ridiculous, encouraged by parasitic lawyers.

Equally shocking was the fact that no patient had/has the slightest feeling of gratitude. To American patients, it’s a cold business transaction. The doctor-patient relationship ended once the patient left the clinic.

I made one of my ethical pillars in life not to ever sue a physician, regardless of whether or not he made a mistake, since everyone makes mistakes (how come lawyers are not sued for incompetence? Oh, that’s right; cannibals don’t eat each other, it’s in bad taste).

I am now performing a 180 as a result of the Covid fiasco and am urging everyone who has been adversely affected by Covidian physicians and hospital administrators to sue the bastards. Have no mercy. Take no prisoners.

As I have pointed out elsewhere, we are in the midst of a totalitarian movement. Totalitarianism characterized by five things: fanaticism, insistence on conformity, censorship coupled with lies, the permeation in every aspect of society by the ideology—no matter how trivial, and bizarre, irrational ideas. The Covidians were/are people that embraced the pandemic with an almost religious fervor.  These fanatics incorporated the Covid pandemic into their totalitarianism. However the psychological mechanism came about, the totalitarian mentality spilled over onto the Covid so-called pandemic: everyone had to believe, everyone had to obey, everyone had to conform, there could be no questioning and no doubting; disagreements had to be censored, heretics had to be persecuted, ostracized, jailed and if possible killed. They did not tolerate dissent; dissent sent them into a frenzy of hatred. Proposals were put forth (and in the case of Australia, implemented) to put people in camps. Two years into the “six-week lockdown to flatten the curve,” after the whole fraud has become obvious to anyone with at least half a brain, the Covidians are still insisting on extending their totalitarian tactics.

Even by May 2020, it was apparent there was an overreaction to the spread and treatment of Covid and some people were voicing their unpopular views, myself included.

The Covid virus was, indeed, real and many people died directly from it, but it was far from being another bubonic plague as it was constantly made out to be by the media hivemind and all of the restrictions, all of the human rights violated by leftist politicians were unnecessary and even illegal. In order to hype up the mortality rate, people who died from other causes, but had been exposed to Covid were tabulated as a direct casualty of the virus. Additionally, it was widely known children were the most immune to the virus but were nevertheless targeted to get them masked and vaccinated.

Though claiming to be terrified of it, the Covidians seemed to be actually enjoying the whole thing. They were the ones that although they had no symptoms whatsoever, they would wait in mile-long lines inside their cars to ultimately get swabbed with a stick rammed up their noses to see if they were sick. They wore face masks as dutifully as wearing underwear. They would even wear those masks while hiking alone in the woods, in swimming pools, while driving alone in the car, while going up in a ski lift alone, inside their homes, sometimes wearing two or three masks at the same time; I suspected some of them wore a face mask around their crotch. Some put face masks on the A/C vents of their car. They forced their children and other children to wear masks, even though, again, children were immune. If they saw someone not conforming by not wearing a mask they would harass and go berserk, screaming obscenities at the nonconformist, accusing him/her in all seriousness that the nonconformist was personally killing people by not wearing a face mask—which a virus could easily navigate through without being stopped. Oftentimes, they would even physically assault someone who obviously did not obey, did not conform, did not believe, who did not embrace the pandemic porn, who was an individual and who could think for himself. Laws were proposed for punishing anyone criticizing the dictates or treatments; they wanted to arrest the unvaccinated. They forbade weddings, proms, graduation ceremonies, dances, attending the Olympics, vacation trips, churches and synagogues as being “superspreaders” (which was false). They prevented family members from being with loved ones at their time of death and they died alone.

The Covidians were impervious to logic, and when it came to facts, their brains were coated with Teflon—nothing would stick, nothing that contradicted their obsession. Even when they saw the Democrat politicians wearing a face mask while being photographed and taking it off once the cameras were supposed to be put away, even that made no impression on them.

It was bad enough these Covidians existed in the general public or were Democrat politicians, but doctors and nurses should have known better. And those that did know better, and did look at the facts, who did not embrace the dogma, those doctors and nurses should have had a backbone. Don’t misunderstand me. Quite a few of them did—and were viciously persecuted by the Covidians. But more health physicians should have stepped up and publicly called for an end to the farce. And they should most definitely not gone along with unethical malpractice, once it became obvious by late 2020.

Many doctors and nurses became Covidians. They gladly flushed the Hippocratic Oath down the toilet, along with their honor and their integrity. These are the same who also adhered to another tenet of the totalitarian ideology and proclaim there is “systemic racism” in medicine and dropped to their knees whenever they saw a black person.

I will now focus on specifics to substantiate my argument lest I am condemned as spreading “misinformation.”


Refusing to Conduct Organ Transplants

Highest in the list of infamies was the refusal to give treatment to a patient because he/she refused to take the toxic “vaccine.” In September 2021, the American Medical Association considered the question, “Can physicians decline unvaccinated patients?” and concluded, “In general, no, a physician should not refuse a patient simply because the individual is not vaccinated or declines to be vaccinated.”


  • The Cleveland Clinic refused to perform a liver transplant to a 65y/o woman who had been going to the clinic because she declined to be vaccinated with one of the toxic “vaccines.” This same Cleveland Clinic also refused to perform a kidney transplant on a patient who had been attending the clinic for years. Meantime, with another patient, the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital refused a father-to-son kidney transplant even though both had natural immunity to the flu-like virus.
  • As punishment for refusing to take the toxic “vaccine,” the University of Colorado Hospital refused to perform a kidney transplant on a woman (the donor had also refused).
  • The Vanderbilt Pediatric Heart Institute in Tennessee, a division of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, recommended a heart transplant for a six month old infant but the hospital’s transplant team head, David Bearl, refused unless the baby received eight—that’s right, eight Covid-19 vaccines. The same hospital system also denied a heart transplant for an adult. As has been pointed out by several individuals, the slogan “My body my choice,” which has been repeated so many times somehow does not seem to apply to the case of submitting to a poisonous injection. Just killing babies.
  • In Boston, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which is part of Mass General Brigham system, took off a man who was at the top of the list for getting a heart transplant because he could think for himself and so refused to be injected with the dangerous “vaccine.”
  • Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem refused to perform a kidney transplant on a veteran who adamantly refused to get the injection and who had natural immunity, having had Covid twice. “There is not a situation in this world that I’ll get a vaccine. If I’m laying on my deathbed, and they tell me, ‘You have a kidney waiting on you if you get this shot,’ I’ll tell them, ‘I’ll see you on the other side.’”
  • Incidentally, this denial of medical treatment and the Covidians enforcing this practice, is not confined to just the United States. In Australia, Queensland Kidney Transplant Service requires two vaccines prior to performing a transplant. Which makes one wonder, if the “vaccine” works so well, why have two? Or three? Or four? Plus jabs? Pseudo-president Biden took four vaccines and two jabs and still got Covid. The CDC director Walensky also had four vaccines and booster and she, too, got Covid.


Ironically, a study recently came out that muddies the water. It seems the vaccine may be involved in the rejection of corneal graft transplants.


Toxic Vaccines

Many individuals were wary of taking the vaccines. There was good reason for this reluctance. The “vaccines” and boosters had been rushed through without the typical meticulous testing and research. Some people remembered the thalidomide disaster and the cisapride (Propulsid) disaster.

Sure enough, otherwise healthy people started dropping dead on their tracks for no apparent reason, particularly athletes (one journalist who was advocating vaccines collapsed in the middle of her speech; a comedian collapsed while bragging about the vaccines and boosters; karma). This has been steadily increasing. Some autopsies performed have revealed gruesome blood clots. And some people are still being penalized for refusing to take additional vaccines or jabs after experiencing adverse effects, though the danger of blood clots has been officially acknowledged by the FDA while the director of the CDC recently admitted the agency had lied to the public about the vaccines’ safety and, apparently, so had Pfizer. And Stanford issued a manual for doctors to lie to their patients regarding the vaccines/jabs.  The CDC also took down from its website the statement “mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body.”

Which explains why people stopped believing these frauds and why we never will again.

Incidentally, notice the mainstream media has imposed a blackout on these findings. This news blackout on facts which jar the dogma of any topic—Covid, electoral fraud, crime, Hunter Biden, Antifa—is typical. Whereas the media and the politicians spare no venom at pointing the finger at heretics, there is singular silence when it comes to studies.

In recent months a torrent of published scientific studies support what the skeptics had been voicing for two years have come out. And it’s not pretty. The face masks did not work. The lockdowns were detrimental. Closing schools were detrimental. Hydroxychloroquine was effective. Ivermectin was effective. And the “vaccines” did not only not prevent Covid, they were deadly. A Harvard-Oxford-John Hopkins study concluded the “vaccines” and boosters were 98 times more dangerous than the disease. Natural immunity was the best recourse to stop Covid spread. What is interesting is the people who kept parroting the phrase, “Trust the science!” continue to ignore the science.

It is also interesting that the president of a pharmaceutical company arranged to be secretly injected with saline solution instead of the “vaccine.


Medication and Treatment

Usually, physicians are flexible in the treatment of patients, depending on circumstances. The highly invasive procedure of intubation was initially the treatment of choice, but was mostly abandoned after doctors publicly voiced misgivings.

Remdesivir is a medicine was used to treat Covid. However, it is more expensive. And dangerous. There was some controversy as to its efficacy and possible harm. Lawsuits have resulted.

Two inexpensive and effective medicines were ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and here we see the intense irrationality of the Covidians. They were condemned by the Covidians and knowledge of their effectiveness suppressed, with journalists referring to ivermectin as being a “horse dewormer.” Doctors who prescribed either medication were persecuted by Covidian doctors and bureaucrats. And still are, as is the case with Dr. Meryl Nass: “Without a hearing, the [Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine] ordered her license immediately suspended, demanded a neuropsychological evaluation and implied she was mentally impaired or a substance abuser and incompetent to practice medicine.”

There were many instances of patients or their family begging for those medications to be administered yet were stubbornly ignored, at times with fatal results. One family almost had their children taken away because they were given ivermectin—which contrasts with the attitude towards those liberal families who put their children through chemical and physical mutilation for the sake of transgender ideology. Some Covidian hospital staff were so fanatical they defied a court order to administer the medication the family wanted—and this over a medication which was perfectly safe, resulting in no adverse effects.

They preferred the patient to die.

Such is fanaticism.



In short, almost everything the Covidians and the media and the Democrat politicians said was “disinformation” turned out to be accurate, and almost every recommendation, every assurance, every mandate, every cure they insisted on were not only worthless, but dangerous, even fatal. We were called racists and Nazis and science deniers and white supremacists and every cliché that liberals automatically spit out in a knee jerk fashion against people who think for themselves, who are courageous, who will not instantly conform, who will not obey unquestioningly.

Medical malpractice (along with political malpractice and journalistic malpractice) occurred with horrible consequences not because of honest mistakes, but because of ideology. Because of ideology, the doctors, the politicians, the media rigidly refused to look at facts, refused to abide by scientific standards while parroting Trust the science!”

A real true believer still believes. After all the scientific evidence, it is mindboggling that the Covidians still insist in face masks, testing, lockdowns, in imposing censorship and intimidation, suppressing facts, and in vaccines, even for children.

They will never admit that they got anything wrong.

Sue the bastards.

And spread the word.


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Armando Simón is a retired psychologist, author of Orlando Stories, When Evolution Stops, and The Book of Many Books

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  1. Agree with sentiments entirely. But I think we are beyond suing people now as a form of justice. We need to see what happens over the next 3 – 5 years and determine just how bad things are going to be.

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