Sugarcoating Evil

by Armando Simón (April 2021)


Satan, George Frederic Watts, 1847


We are in a battle for the soul of this Nation.—Joe Biden


It has often been said that if the devil shows up at the door to steal your soul, he will not appear with bat wings, cloven hoofs, horns, a tail and smelling of brimstone, but will instead be handsome and charming and impeccably dressed. I would add that he will be erudite, with a beautiful, mellifluous siren voice, and speak with such a nonstop fluidity that you will be captivated by his speech to the point that you will not be able to stop and think calmly.

        We actually see this today in the various, yet dovetailed, attempts at destroying America from within and, along with it, its traditional, sacred, principles. From various sources we are told that stating truths, stating facts, voicing certain opinions, must be suppressed at all costs, and all outlets for voicing opposition to this disintegration must be crushed. No divisiveness must exist, these satanic agents proclaim. Rather, we must all speak with one voice (theirs) think with one mind (theirs).

        Nowadays, words which on the face appear reasonable and correct are being used to mask truly horrific ends. Words are being mangled by these agents of evil. Even some phrases which have been commonly used are now being stolen and warped to promote the destruction of America. And some are even being used to mean the opposite of the original meaning.

        Take the innocent sounding phrase, “The Constitution is a living document.” It sounds nice. Catchy. I liked it first time I heard it. But, if you explore deeper into what its proponents are actually saying it is that the U.S. Constitution, which has served for over two centuries to protect its citizens, to give them the right to govern themselves without governmental hindrance, which legally guarantees an ironclad right to freedom of speech, freedom of writing, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and guarantees a fair trial before the courts, that Constitution must be changed in order to be up to date, in tune with the times, and subservient to ideology—or ripped up altogether as being outdated, an anachronism, to be replaced by a government over which they, and they alone, will have power, a government which will then implement a series of mandates that have proven to be anathema to every living human being throughout history, said principles having been implemented at various points in history and have resulted in suffering and catastrophe. This is not some assumption on my part, nor some extrapolation that I am doing from just that innocent sounding phrase; rather, the persons who write that simple phrase have also written in favor of principles that would raise one’s hair and who voice praise of totalitarian regimes.

        I admit that I myself fell for one of these euphemisms. Long ago, before Diversity and Inclusiveness replaced it, there was a call for “multiculturalism” in universities. I thought it was a great idea since most Americans are embarrassingly ignorant of other cultures and other countries’ history and literature (and, for that matter, their own), which is a paradox since America is a country of immigrants. This ignorance was reflected in universities, where history and literature focused exclusively on the United States and four European countries (Britain, Germany, France, Russia). This was not racism, as liberals would automatically conclude, since Canada, Australia and three quarters of Europe were also excluded. Rather, it was the stupidity that was, and is, rampant in universities (another paradox). Ultimately, I was disillusioned once I realized that what was meant was not including additional histories and literature of Asia, Europe and South America, but replacement of Western civilization courses with mediocre crap from second rate cultures. Nowadays, of course, the mantra is Diversity and Inclusiveness, which amount to the same thing.

        Take another innocent sounding phrase: “immigration reform.” On hearing this for the first time one might think that it just involves some tinkering with the immigration laws. However, when this phrase started to be thrown around a decade ago, it slowly became obvious that the ones promoting “immigration reform” actually meant amnesty and instant citizenship for people who had entered the country illegally, and, doing away with borders and allowing anybody to enter the country, including criminals, regardless of how American citizens felt because Americans should have no say so as to who enters their country. Years ago, before the Trump era, NPR programs had discussion groups where all the participants said exactly the same thing for an hour in favor of “immigration reform” (NPR format has remained the same on every other topic) These discussion groups had self-appointed Hispanic spokesmen who gave the (wrong) impression that all Hispanics in America wanted a tsunami of illegal immigrants to flood the country.

        The Equality Act, which was recently passed by Democrats (dubbed the Insanity Act and the Destroy Our Daughters Act) has nothing to do with equality before the law and is an attempt to alter reality and scientific facts through legislation and Newspeak. It also puts women and girls at a disadvantage in many areas and at personal danger, not to mention takes away the possibility of sports scholarships. California’s Proposition 47, called “The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act,” had nothing to do with safe neighborhoods. On the contrary. It reduced felonies to misdemeanors, courtesy of George Soros.

        Then, there is the For the People Act. Having achieved such great results with the massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the totalitarian branch (or, actually, the main trunk) of the Democratic Party wants to secure its goal of a one-party regime by making future voter fraud a permanent fixture, negating the usual, pathetically weak, Republican response attempt at preventing fraud. And, as usual, leftists are describing resistance by Republicans as “voter suppression” and an attempt “to stop black and brown people from voting,” because of “racism” and “white supremacy.”

        The present-day push to turn as many children as possible into homosexuals, or at least transgender, is done in the name of promoting Tolerance and eliminating Prejudice. Books and children’s shows are now incorporating gays and transgenders. Grotesque transgenders read books to children in PC libraries or teach them how to be in drag and how to twerk. Children are being urged to change genders and are taken away from their parents. Schools are indoctrinating children and, exactly as in totalitarian societies, parents have no say so. Even children’s cookies and books and shoe laces and sodas are being used to indoctrinate children. Teen Vogue promotes transgender lifestyles—when not discussing anal sex. And the television series, Supergirl, had a transgendered character while Disney introduced its first homosexual character in Onward (why?). The children in the UK are even being told to write love letters to gays and to define terms like “transgender pornography.” It is working.

        And let us not forget that Comrade Senator Bernie Sanders ran for president, promoting “democratic socialism.” In fact, unlike European Communists, American communists don’t refer to themselves as such. Instead, they prefer euphemisms and refer to themselves as “activists,” “social justice warriors,” “radicals,” “antifas,” “progressives,” and the like.

        The reverse is also true: innocent people and institutions are demonized. Republicans’ (characteristically very feeble and inept) attempt to thwart the foreseen massive Democrats’ voter fraud during the presidential election through the transparently obvious tactics of eliminating required IDs for voting, and, issuing millions of mail-in ballots was labeled “voter suppression.” Democrats not only think of Republicans as Nazis, white supremacists, and the other usual knee-jerk terms, but now they even referred to them as Hezbollah. As for Trump supporters, they are “terrorists.”

        Totalitarians of the past two centuries have sanitized evil by using syrupy phrases and words to mask their true intentions and meaning. East Germany, with its Berlin Wall and Stasi, was officially the German Democratic Republic; it was neither democratic, nor a republic, and arguably was not German, but a Russian province. Whenever a country was invaded by a Communist power, they declared that it had been “liberated,” as was the case with the Baltic countries that had a quarter of its population exterminated by Stalin. In South America, totalitarian movements were sanctified as being motivated by “liberation ideology.” Lenin told the Russian people that the Bolsheviks’ program was “Peace, Land, Bread,” whereas in reality they wanted genocide, dictatorship, and starvation. Although I have not been able to get ahold of speeches by National Socialist candidates during elections prior to obtaining power, I am certain that they did not promise to institute concentration camps, nor a world war. However, there is this quote from one Adolf Hitler: “We are Socialists, we are enemies of the capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

        In the Soviet Union’s gulag, there were slave labor camps with sweet sounding names: Leafy Grove Camp, Lakeshore Camp, River Camp. In the Third Reich, one camp had the slogan, Work Makes You Free.

        One of the most prominent individuals in the ability to sanitize evil was Willy Münzenberg, a Communist in Weimar Germany who tried to turn the country Communist before the National Socialists got the drop on the Communists. By all accounts, he was a genius at setting up conferences, clubs, charities, theaters, magazines, newspapers, all with benevolent sounding names that were actually centers for promoting Marxist totalitarianism (ultimately, he fell in disfavor with Stalin and was found in France with his legs and head cut off—karma). Some of the organizations of that time went by the name of the John Reed Club, the Conference for World Peace, the Scientific and Cultural Conference for World Peace, the International Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture, Peace Education Division of the American Friends Service Committee, and many others.

        His tactic caught on.

        Today, in America, we see the same pattern, a seemingly infinite number of organizations with syrupy sweet (or, some admittedly bland) euphemisms advocating evil: Southern Poverty Law Conference, ACORN, American Civil Liberties Union, Demand Justice, Center for Popular Democracy, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Feminist Majority Foundation, League of Women Voters, UltraViolet, Move On, Lincoln Project, Just Communities, Institute for Policy Studies, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Gender Spectrum, People’s Parity Project, The Washington League for Transparency and Ethics, Center for American Progress, People’s Organization for Progress, Learning for Justice, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), Open Society Foundations, Zinn Education Project, Anti-Defamation League, Rethinking Schools, Teaching for Change, and National Community Reinvestment Coalition (the UK has similar groups, such as the angelic sounding Hope not Hate). The New York Times was a previously existing institution that is now sanitizing and promoting totalitarianism, either directly or indirectly. For example, in a series of articles, the Soviet Union was glorified to the point that one article asserted that women in the Soviet Union had better sex than ever before (even in the gulag?). One other very active organization in the spotlight is Black Lives Matter, an organization founded by self-admitted Communists and funded by George Soros (among others). There is genius in that organization’s name: if one opposes BLM and its thugs, then the impression that comes across is that one is a racist who does not believe that any black life matters.

        And, to be sure, sometimes whitewashing is not done through an organization, but through an individual. Kamala Harris, for example, referred to the thugs that killed people, burnt down buildings and broke into and looted stores as “a coalition of conscience,” while Nancy Pelosi referred to the MS-13 gang members as having a “spark of divinity.” Numerous American leftists have agitated to impose censorship in this country—the Constitution be damned—in order to do away with “hate speech.”

        And now that Biden became president through massive voter fraud in key geographical areas, his and Sanders’ totalitarian supporters have advocated persecuting and imprisoning Trump supporters in re-education camps (another euphemism), except that they use the term “de-programming Trump supporters.” Laws which are designed to erode the foundation of America have recently been passed, said laws having angelic names.

        Overall, though, America’s totalitarians have a racial strategy. Their mantra is Inclusiveness and Diversity. Sounds nice. Except the implementation of Diversity means excluding whites and Asians while increasing blacks and (leftist) Hispanics, and Inclusiveness means excluding whites and Asians and increasing blacks and (leftist) Hispanics. Both terms are euphemisms for replacement, censorship, mediocrity and persecution. And the fact that white Marxists promote this racist ideology which will ultimately come back to destroy them is lost on them, such is the nature of fanatical totalitarianism.

        Part of their strategy is to (a) blatantly promote racism against whites in society, primarily in schools and (b) lobotomize white students (and non-students) into believing that they are inherently evil and should not object to the racism directed against them and they should publicly confess of their sin in being white. How is this done? Through the schizoid euphemism of combatting “systemic racism.” In other words, racism is being packaged as anti-racism.

        And lastly, in every institution there exists a department which was initially innocuous, but since the beginning of the Politically Correct steamroller has become the symbol of euphemistic persecution: the H. R. Department.

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Armando Simón is a trilinguil author from Cuba, a retired forensic psychologist, and the author of Pandemic or No Pandemic I’m Getting Married!! available in Amazon—for now.

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