Australia: Adelaide-Resident Muslim, Somali ‘Refugee’, Accused of Being Islamic State Member, On Trial

She was arrested in May last year.  Now she comes to trial.  Note: She arrived in Australia at the age of 13, with her parents and siblings, as Somali “refugees”. Had Australia a ban on admitting Muslims – no matter what their sob stories – we would not have had to worry about, monitor, arrest and expensively try – and then, no doubt, expensively incarcerate – this nasty little piece of work, who had a fine collection of gruesome beheading videos on her mobile phone, even as she was studying nursing – nursing!

As reported by the ABC’s court reporter, Rebecca Opie, this week.

“Adelaide Woman (sic: “Adelaide-Resident Muslim Woman” – CM) Accused of Being Islamic-State Member Faces Trial”

‘A Supreme Court jury has been warned they will be exposed to gruesome and graphic evidence during the trial of an Adelaide woman accused of being a member of a terrorist organisation.

An Adelaide-resident Somali Muslim woman accused of having joined the Muslim terror and jihad organisation, Islamic State.  – CM

‘Zainab Abdirahman-Khalif, 23, has pleaded not guilty to knowingly being a member of the Islamic State (IS) group between July 2016 and May 2017.

‘In his opening address, Commonwealth prosecuor Chris Winneke, Q.C., said that at the time of the alleged offending, Ms Abdirahman-Khalif lived with her mother and two brothers at Mansfield Park, in Adelaide’s northwest.

Not all Muslims in Australia live in the most heavily-Islamised regions of  Sydney and Melbourne.  The Ummah is getting in everywhere, all around the country; and everywhere they go – even in tiny Adelaide, the City of Churches – there are those that, like this female, Go Jihad, or try to. – CM

‘He said that in March 2016 she quit her diploma of science and technology at the University of South Australia, which she had been studying in pursuit of becoming a nurse (and isn’t that a thought to fill one with disquiet, that there are Muslims, in western countries, studying to become doctors, or nurses, who are … filled with the orthodox hatred of and contempt for us filthy kuffar, that orthodox Islam instils in them feom birth.  That the Muslim nurse or greasily-smiling Muslim doctor who fronts up to your hospital bed, may have a mobile phone stuffed with… beheading videos. – CM) and decided to “follow a different path”.

She chose jihad fi sabil allah… – CM

“The crown case is that on July 13, 2016, unbeknown to her family (suuuure.. how do you know they didn’t know all about it, and approve? – CM) and using her savings, she purchased over the internet a one-way ticket [from Adelaide] to Istanbul in Turkey… for departure the following day”, Mr Winneke said.

If, by this point, she was being monitored, and they knew what she was up to… the sensible thing would have been to let her go. And then… annul her Australian citizenship status, and prevent her from ever returning to Australia.  And then we would have been rid of her.  – CM

“So on July 14, 2016, without telling her mother and brothers that she was leaving the country (really? again, how do we know she didn’t tell them??  or that they didn’t suspect a thing? really? this is the daughter of a Somali Muslim family… there wouldn’t be a thing she did or said that they – and the rest of the Somali Muslim ‘community’ established in Adelaide – wouldn’t have their little beady eyes fixed upon – CM) with only hand luggage and very little funds… she set out for the airport.”

‘The court heard that she was detained prior to boarding, and prevented from getting onto the flight.

“The crown case is that the defendant, in leaving Australia and going to Turkey, was ultimately going to make contact with Islamic State and commence to live in territory held by Islamic State as a member of that society, and as a follower of the leader of that organisation”, Mr Winneke said.

And given that she did so intend, her Australian citizenship should have been declared null and void, since she had de facto rejected, repudiated and renounced it. – CM

Dozens of Videos Found on Accused’s Phone.

“Mr Winneke said that Ms Abdirahman-Khalif was in communication with three young African women (three young Muslim women – CM) who carried out a bombing in Mombasa, Kenya, in September 2016, for which IS later claimed responsibility.

In other words: a bombing ordered by Islamic State. – CM

“It’s not the Crown’s case that the defendant is in any way involved in the organisation or commission of any specific events at all”, he said.  “But the Crown does have evidence that suggests that the defendant had some knowledge that the event (sic: he should have said, “the attack” – CM) in Mombasa was going to occur”, Mr Winneka said.

And did she tell any Aussie infidel law-enforcement authorities about it? No, she did not.  She did not ‘rat’ on her fellow Muslims to the Australian authorities who could have gotten in touch with the Kenyan authorities and warned them that an attack was being planned.  She kept mum. She is therefore complicit. – CM

‘The court heard that 378 audio files associated with I.S. were found on her phone, along with 125 videos from an I.S. media organisation, 62 of which contained extremist material including executions.

‘Executions’. Or, rather, “ritual murders carried out to the tune of allahu-akbar”. – CM

“It heard that there was also a photo on her phone of her in Islamic dress pointing to the ceiling, which is a pose associated with the group (but they didn’t invent it; this gesture is part of the repertoire of historic Islam – CM), and a video she had filmed of herself with an I.S. song playing in the background.

‘Jurors warned of evidence containing violence.

‘Justice David Peek warned jurors that they would be exposed to graphic and gruesome evidence from images and video footage found on the defendant’s mobile phone.

“It contains a great deal of Islamic State propaganda, much military training, fighting, explosions… there are references to suicide bombers”, he said. “Wounded persons and dead bodies are seen in various states and positions, most are obviously adult males, but some may be women and children”.

‘The jurors were told that they would also see footage of captives being executed (sic: ritually murdered – CM) by knfie, sword, or firearm, but that the videos had been edited to stop just before the person’s (sic: the victim’s – CM) death.

“That material that is to be shown is both graphic and gruesome, and you will see things like blood, brain fragments, severed heads placed on bodies”, Justice Peek said.

And this 23 year old female was avidly watching this sort of stuff, collecting it, poring over it. As so many, many other young Muslims do… The English author of a blog called ‘Defend the Modern World’ spoke of attending university alongside Muslim students, and of his horror when he discovered that some of these students, young men, were regularly watching – and obviously deriving great enjoyment from watching – videos of actual beheadings of actual people. – CM

‘The court heard that Ms Abdirahman-Khalif lived in refugee camps in Kenya until she was 13 years old, and moved to Australia with her family, who are of Somali origin (who are devout Muslims of Somali ethnicity – CM), in 2009.

The whole family should never have been allowed into Australia. – CM

She studied at the Islamic College of South Australia until 2011, and completed year 12 at Roma Mitchell Secondary College.

In other words: for most of her life she has been pickled in Islam. Note that most of her secondary schooling did not take place in a secular Aussie school, but in an Islamic school.  What did she learn there?  Has anyone properly and thoroughly examined the curriculum at the ‘Islamic College of South Australia’?  How about a surprise inspection?  And.. what mosque, or mosques, did – and does – her family attend?  And is anyone monitoring them?  Do we know what is preached there?  Have they, too, been surprise-inspected?  Investigated ‘undercover’, to find out what is said when the Muslims there think that dirty kuffar ears are not listening?  – CM

‘The trial is expected to run for four weeks and will hear evidence from a number of witnesses, including an academic expert in terrorist activities in the Middle East.

But somehow I don’t think that that ‘expert’ will be, say, Mordechai Kedar, or Raphael Israeli, or even Australia’s own Dr Mark Durie, or ex-Muslim Daniel Shayesteh. 

There is more, in a later report.

“Alleged Islamic State Member Admitted to Being Caught “Red-Handed” By Police, Court Told.

“A woman (sic: a Muslim woman – CM) accused of being part of the Islamic State (I.S.) terrorist group told police that she was unaware of how images of beheadings ended up on her mobile phone, an Adelaide court has heard.

Oh, pull the other leg, milady, it has bells on. You really expect us to believe that?   ROFLMAO.  And even if somebody else put them there.. why did you keep them there, rather than deleting them instantly?  – CM

‘Zainab Abdirahman-Khalif, 23, is on trial in South Australia’s Supreme Court, after pleading not guilty to knowingly being a member of the Islamic State terrorist organisation between July 2016 and May 2017.

‘The court was told that she was heard on audio recording, admitting that she was caught “red-handed” by police with a photo on her phone, although it was not specified what that particular photo depicted.

“The court heard that she was detained at Adelaide Airport in July 2016, after buying a one-way ticket online to fly from Adelaide to Istanbul.

“It heard that she took only carry-on luggage and $170 in savings, which, the prosecution alleges, was not enough to return home.

We should have let this jihad camp-follower go… and then annulled her Aussie citizenship and passport. – CM

‘She was interviewed by detectives and placed under arrest for attempting to enter a declared area, but the court heard that she was never charged with that offence, and was released from custody the following morning.

“Prosecutor Chris Winneke, Q.C., said police later searched her family’s Mansfield Park home.

By which time, no doubt, she and the family had had plenty of time to try to get rid of anything “hot”.  The house should have been surprise-searched before she was released, not after. And any mosque or mosques with which the family is or has been associated should also have been surprise-searched. And the premises of the Islamic College of South Australia. – CM

‘On the second day of his opening address, Mr Winneke said that in September 2016 Ms Abdirahman-Khalif spoke to someone about police searching her home. “She said, “You know, when they knocked on the front door, I have deleted the three, Telegram, Snapchat, Messenger.  God loves me, praise is to be to God”, he said.

‘Mr Winneke said the defendant discussed deleting photos, books, history and video material, and told the person she was talking to, “The men caught me red-handed, the screenshot you sent me”.

“The discussion involved uploading pictures in Telegram, writings in Arabic, and others leaving countries using other people’s identification, to board a boat to Yemen”, he said.

‘The court heard that Ms Abdirahman-Khalif was interviewed by police detectives in February 2017.

“She said it was rubbish that she was a member of I.S.”, Mr Winneke said. 

Of course she would have said that. Muslims lie, Muslims lie, Muslims lie. – CM

“She did concede that she was aware that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the leader of (IS).  She didn’t know how images of beheadings and the like got onto her mobile phone.”

No, she said she didn’t know.  Oh, suuuuuure she didn’t know.  – CM

‘Jury played interview with counterterrorism officers.

One wonders whether any of those officers are instructed about the many and various forms of Muslim deceit: taqiyya, mudarat, muruna, taysir, kitman, tawriyya.. or in the special Islamspeak whereby terms like ‘justice’ or ‘truth’ or ‘oppression’ that mean one thing for non-muslims, mean something quite different, for Muslims. – CM

‘Mr Winneke said that in a text conversation Ms Abdirahman-Khalif had described herself as “muwahideen”, which was how members of I S referred to themselves.

“In a discussion concerning her being in Adelaide, she wrote – “Qadarallah, it was my destiny for me to be here, sis…there are not a lot of muwahideen, just me”.

And that is one too many. But there are plenty of other Muslims, and I’m sure she will not be the only to Go Jihad.  Got Muslims? Got Mosques? Got Jihad.  Tiny provincial Adelaide, once known as “the city of churches”, has been colonised by Muslims. If there is an ‘Islamic College of South Australia’, then surely there is a mosque, and most likely, mosques. And where there are Muslims and mosques there is or will be jihad, sooner or later. – CM

‘She was arrested and charged with knowingly being a member of a terrorist organisation, in May 2017.

In fact, the Islamic State is the least of our worries.  The whole of the Ummah, the Mohammedan Mob, the Allah Gang, could quite reasonably be described as a terrorist organisation… – CM

‘The jury was played an interview recording where Ms Abdirahman-Khalif can be heard telling counter-terrorism officers, after her detainment at Adelaide Airport, that she was travelling to Turkey for a holiday and to find aid work.

“I want to help, you know, I want to be part of aid workers”, she said.

It all depends on what you mean by ‘help’, and what you mean by ‘aid workers’… – CM

‘When asked if she knew of any aid organisations in Turkey, she said she could not remember the name.

Any Islamic ‘aid’ organisation or ‘charity’ is likely to be involved in or supporting or enabling Jihad in some way or other, in any case. – CM
‘She said she had not contacted any aid organisations because she thought she would do that once she got there.

Hm. – CM

‘The court heard that her parents were “shocked” (oh, they’re always ‘shocked’, the pickled-in-Islam families of those who are caught waging or attempting to wagr or plotting to wage Jihad… but I don’t believe them, I don’t believe for one second that they really didn’t know, or that they are surprised at all by the fact that one of their own has decided to answer the call to Jihad – CM) when they were told she had been detained trying to leave the country, because they thought she was at university.

Oh, suuure they did. – CM

“Mr Winneke previously told the court that Ms Abdirahman-Khalif had quit her studies at the University of South Australia to “follow a different path”.

How soon before her departure did she quit that university? I assume she was living at home with her parents. She’ s the Muslim daughter of devout Muslim parents who sent her to an Islamic college for most of her secondary schooling.  There’s no way that they wouldn’t know what she was up to.  They would surely know that she had quit her studies and stopped attending university. 

The trial continues; no doubt there is more to come.

An expensive trial. How much of Australia’s limited resources has had to be expended to monitor this creature, to arrest her, and now to try her?  If she is found guilty, then we must expensively incarcerate her.  If she gets off.. then there is a Muslim running around Australia who likes to gloat over beheading videos. Not the only one so to do, either, I daresay. Not a comforting thought.  To repeat: we’d all be better off, all of us non-Islamic Aussies, if this creature – and her parents, and her brothers – had never been allowed into the country in the first place.  – CM



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