In "Modern" "Moderate" Muslim-Ruled Indonesia 24 Percent of University Students In Favour of Jihad to Establish Caliphate


Yet another indication of the falsity of the oft-repeated claim that jihad is waged, that caliphate is desired, by only a ‘tinyminorityofextremists’ who have, of course, ‘nothingtodowithIslam”.

As reported  by Iffah Nur Arifah and Erwin Renaldi, for Australia’s ABC, just the other day, on the basis of the contents of a report by Indonesia’s State Intelligence Agency.  The not-quite-so-sharia-observant Muslims currently on top of the pile in Indonesia fully intend to remain on top of the pile, so they keep a weather eye on the more zealous and pious sharia-pushers who, of course, intend to be on top of the pile, themselves.

“40 Percent of Indonesian University Students Targeted by Radical Religious Ideology, Report Says”.

Translation: Muslim Revivalists Promote Islam Pur et Dur to Indonesian University Students”, or, “Indonesian University Students Encouraged to Embrace Classical Islam”. – CM

“Indonesian Universities are being targeted by conservative religious ideology (sic: ‘by sharia-pushing revivalist Muslims” – CM) across the country, according to the latest report by Indonesia’s State Intelligence Agency.

‘Last month, Indonesian national intelligence chief Budi Gunawan said in a lecture that 39 percent of university students in Indonesia had been exposed to radical groups.

Or, rather, one might say, that “at least 39 percent of university students in Indonesia have been urged to take Islam fully to heart.”  They are being encouraged to become devout sunnah-compliant Muslims; to abandon the syncretism that has in some parts of Indonesia, for some brief portions of itshistory, somewhat diluted or modified the full ferocity of Islam, Islam, Islam.  – CM

“The campus environment has become the target of radical groups trying to mobilise new terrorists”, Mr Gunawan said.

In other words, the Islamic revival is powering ahead on Indonesian university campuses.  Note to western apologists for Islam; jihad is not merely waged by ignorant and illiterate hicks from the sticks.  The most dangerous jihadis of all are those who, though superficially westernised – smiling, besuited, impeccably-made-up if female, quite probably speaking perfect English or perfect French, and with an advanced degree in biology, chemistry, law, economics, engineering or medicine under their belts – are (behind their smiling masks and soft voices) full to the brim with Quranically-orthodox hatred for and aggression toward the dirty kuffar, ‘the worst of beasts’. – CM

‘Mr Gunawan said that 15 Indonesian provinces (that is: 15 out of 34, nearly half of the total  – CM) were classified as high-risk areas, and they were now closely monitoring three Indonesian universities.

Memo to Australian universities: find out the names of those 15 provinces and those three universities.  Do not engage in “academic relations” with those three Universities, nor accept obviously-Muslim students from any of those 15 provinces. – CM

“The intelligence report also finds that 24 percent of University students and 23.3 percent of high-school students in Indonesia are in favour of supporting jihad to establish an Islamic “caliphate“.”

That should probably be “at least 24 percent…” and “at least 23.3 percent..”.  That’s the percentage that were either readily visible and/ or willing to admit, on a survey form or to an interviewer, what their attitudes, beliefs and intentions actually were. – CM

“The findings have been supported by previous research by other institutions in the country.

“The Wahid Foundation, founded by former Indonesian president and Muslim scholar K H Abdurrahman Wahid, did a study on radicalisation (sic: recruitment for active military jihad – CM) in 2017.

It found that nearly 60 percent of high-school students who were taking part in extracurricular activities in Islamic studies (and what proportion of high school students, across Indonesia, engage in such activities? – CM) said they were ready to be part of Jihad even if violence was involved.

Historically and theologically, Jihad is and always has been primarily violent, though “non-violent” methods – such as bribery and corruption, and multifarious types of deceit, infiltration and subversion – have always been used in conjunction with violence, or on their own if open violence were deemed likely to prove ineffective.  Sam Solomon’s book “Al Hijra” is very instructive on this topic, as also Patrick Sookhdeo’s “Islam in Britain”. – CM

Radicals seek young people to spread ideology’.

That is: Muslim revivalists are recruiting young Muslims to engage in dawa and jihad so as to expand the empire of islam. – CM

‘Bonar Tigor Naipospos, deputy director of the SETARA Institute for Democracy and Peace, said the findings emphasised how vulnerable students in Indonesia were to radicalism.

Rather – “ easy it is for someone raised Muslim to heed the call to take Islam – and the prime directive of Islam, Jihad to establish a global sharia despotism – fully to heart!” – CM

“Indonesia is experiencing demographic bonuses [the opposite of an ageing population] where the largest group of the population is between 16 to 35 years old”, Mr Naipospos told the ABC.

“The radical groups (sic: the Muslim revivalists – CM) consider young people as a potential group who can spread radical ideology (sic: orthodox Islam – CM) for them in the long run.”

18 to 35 … the young men are old enough to fight, the young women can engage in the overbreeding that Islam has always promoted for the purpose of demographically overwhelming the non-Muslims – CM

‘He added that higher-education institutions should be more proactive in examining whether there were activities that led to radical behaviour.

‘Radical behaviour’… Acts of violence intended to topple the current lot of deemed-insufficiently-Islamic rulers and replace them with rulers deemed more purely Islamic, and go Full Sharia… A course of action that the current rulers – though perfectly content, being Muslim, to judiciously suppress and exploit non-Muslims within Indonesia, notably in West Papua where a classic hijra to bring about subjugation and Islamisation of its historically non-Malay and non-Muslim population is proceeding rapidly and brutally alongside wholesale Indonesian-Malay-Muslim plundering of that province’s resources  – are leery of, because it would mean that they would lose power. – CM

‘For example, they could monitor student forums, and pay attention to flyers distributed on campuses’, he said.

Do ASIO and the AFP in Australia, do the intelligence arms or even just the local cops of any number of western countries where there are, now, large and expanding Muslim colonies, and a very large and visible presence of Muslims – whether possessing infidel-country citizenship, or as “foreign students” holding student visas – on university campuses and in high schools, usually attended by Islamic ‘chaplains’, with ‘prayer rooms’, and with large and active “Islamic Societies” under various anodyne titles, do anything of this sort? Do they monitor the Muslim student forums, pay attention to the level and types of “campus dawa” engaged in both among the Muslims and toward non-Muslim students, or keep an eye on the meetings and activities of those assorted Muslim student associations, and the speakers that they invite to their meetings? For if Muslim Indonesia deems it necessary to do so, within Indonesia, surely non-Muslim countries should be doing it as well.. and with even greater vigilance. – CM

‘Muhammad Fatih Akmal, a student of the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta, said that he knew that some of his fellow students had extreme thinking.

Extreme?  He’s fudging.  I bet he knows damn well that the thinking of these sharia-pushing jihad-minded fellow students of his, those who dream of the global caliphate, is perfectly, impeccably orthodox; that it is .. Islam. Nothing but Islam, exactly as set out in the founding texts and the example of Mohammed. – CM

“There was a lecture about interpreting the Koran by western methods, but they rejected attending the class”, he said.

They were more honest, in that, than the likes of himself… – CM

For them, the Koran should only be interpreted and explained by Middle Eastern scholars”.

That is: by Arab Muslims. Because Islam – see V S Naipaul, “Among the Believers” and “Beyond Belief”, see Anwar Sheikh – is a vehicle of Arab imperialism, imposing upon the conquered and converted peoples a very particular – and lethally destructive, lethally antihuman – version of ‘being-Arab’. – CM

‘He said that the same students were also attending forums held by Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia, which is now considered an extremist organisation, and had its legal status revoked by the Government”.

If the superficially-secularised Muslims who currently dominate and rule Indonesia consider Hizb ut Tahrir dangerous – dangerous to their continued hold on power – and have declared it illegal, should not non-Muslim countries, like Australia, view Hizb ut Tahrir as dangerous also, and declare it illegal, and take all due steps to remove it and its identifiable operatives from their soil?   But banning and removing – expelling – Hizb ut Tahrir from the ‘dar al harb’ would – and should – be only one small step toward eventual recognition of a larger and much more unpleasant reality – that it is not just the Hizb ut Tahrirs, the Tablighi Jamaats, the Al Qaedas or the Boko Harams or the Hezbollahs or the Hamas that are dangerous, it is … the whole of the Ummah, that sheltering, nurturing sea from which all such bodies naturally and inevitably arise.  Got Muslims? Got Mosques? … Got Jihad. – CM

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