Newcastle grooming gangs were allowed to abuse 700 girls because police blamed the victims, review finds

From The Telegraph, ITV News

Grooming  gangs that preyed on 700 vulnerable girls and women in and around Newcastle developed an “arrogant persistence” because the authorities locked up the victims rather than the offenders, a Serious Case Review has found.

Operation Sanctuary, which was launched in 2014, resulted in 112 offenders being jailed for a total of almost 500 years for abuse carried out against more than 270 victims. But a shocking report has revealed that the actual number of those targeted was at least 700, as gangs of men from a range of backgrounds plied victims with drugs before raping and forcing them into prostitution.

According to the review, the abusers were mainly “not white but came from a diverse range of backgrounds including “Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian and Eastern European”. 

In some cases the victims of the gangs were placed in secure accommodation because of what was seen as their poor behaviour, while the offenders were seen to be innocent and went unpunished.

n early 2014, two women came forward to talk about the abuse they and many other victims had suffered. The review found a “stark contrast between the approach” taken by Newcastle City Council, the police and other agencies before and after that point.

Unlike some other areas, Newcastle agencies did not try and sweep this under the carpet but actively went looking for it and as a result a large number of perpetrators were arrested and prosecuted, and victims saved from further trauma.

My report makes a number of recommendations, in particular the need to carry out research that improves understanding of why people offend in this way, so we can be better at preventing it. Sadly, it is still happening in Newcastle and other cities.”

– David Spicer – report author

Other high-profile cases of sexual exploitation, such as in Rotherham, have seen allegations of a cover-up of what was happening. In Newcastle, today’s review found there had been no evidence of a lack of response, or a lack of concern, or fears around being seen as racist by investigating the issue. It said there was “no evidence of impropriety by any person in a position of authority.” The failure before 2014 seems to be one of ignorance. After 2014 the police seem to have acted robustly, once they were woken. 

The report has also made a number of recommendations to the government.

Men from Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian and Eastern European backgrounds have been convicted of abusing girls and vulnerable women in Newcastle. The review said “information available about likely profiles of perpetrators and what drives their activities including the extent to which cultural values and attitudes are relevant is very limited. There is an urgent need for guidance to robustly address these issues.”

…only one defendant agreeing to help the inquiry, and he denied guilt, blaming a government cover up. “In fact he didn’t accept that he’d done anything wrong… He felt the victims were responsible for their own abuse.” 

The report continued: “If convicted for rape in his home country, he would be beheaded or buried up to the neck and stoned. He was asked about what he thought about the United Kingdom and influences in his education. He said you can get anything here – any sex, drugs, alcohol. There is no control. He spoke in a derogatory way about lack of morals in British girls and did not go with Muslim girls because there are not many of them.”

The report also noted that Newcastle was notably different from other high-profile cases of sexual exploitation, because victims also included many vulnerable adults. . . The report recommended: “The Government should urgently issue guidance or advice on addressing sexual exploitation of vulnerable adults.”

Other findings included: 

  • The national compensation scheme for victims of violent crime “discriminates particularly unfairly” against victims of sexual exploitation who can be denied compensation because of involvement in other crimes that may be the result of the abuse they have experienced
  • If authorities do not recognise the sexual exploitation of children and vulnerable adults in their area “it is because they are not looking hard enough”

5 Responses

  1. This article fails to mention that all these men are Muslim. It is not their countries of origin but their religion that causes them to behave in this way. Sex slavery of non-muslim girls is mandated 14 times in the Koran, and when such a practice is mandated by God, you do it.

    The hatred of the West, the loathing of female sexuality, the need to torture, main, rape and even kill infidel, uncovered women is the meaning of the Islamic faith. Finally they are here and can act on it, as they can’t in their own countries where so few infidels exist, and none of them white and British, the land that has not been occupied yet, the evil West that doesn’t understand its own corruption and where kuffir scum must pay and pay for their own existence as a defilement of Allah.

    This is the message of Islam, and once sufficient Muslims exist in this country, sex slavery will be law.

    That the necessity of driving Islamic supremacy in the most brutal and humiliating way possible into the bodies of our most vulnerable has not been dealt with as a political matter on the lines of jihad terrorism and as an act of war against anyone non-Muslim is a disgrace. This is indeed, mainstream Islam, moderate Islam, the Islam taught ever day in every mosque, in every land; the infidel is cursed, an unclean thing; the rape and trade of its females is not only holy but necessitous to destroy iniquity on this earth. Not to take up policy against this in exact and uncompromising terms is to follow the Muslim Brotherhood’s mandate, to cause the kuffir to ‘sabotage his miserable house by his own hand’.

    The issue here is not just to make quite clear we are under attack by Islam and to accustom ourselves with Sharia law, something that is so injested into the hearts of all Muslims coming from Muslim dominated countries that they act naturally upon it whether they are scholars or not; to register the religion itself as culpable, instead of preaching tolerance and moderation.

    It is essential that it become government policy to demonstrate the religious, and political nature of these crimes and make clear our country’s disgust at any literal following of Islamic doctrine. That being in and of itself blasphemous, and rape and child rape being Islamic law, a total ban on Islam altogether should be ventured, as no moderate version exists.

    91% of these crimes are committed by Muslim men. 75% of the mosques in the UK refused to read out a statement condemning grooming gangs and sex slavery. A Muslim is 150-200% more likely to rape than a non-Muslim.

    Those figures don’t sound like ‘a tiny minority of extremists’ to me.

  2. Further: the article mentions that rape is punishable by death in the countries the perpetrator comes from. Not at all. That is rape of a Muslim woman (if it can be proved, which it’s extremely hard to do, as it involves four male witnesses and as a rule a woman complaining of rape cannot submit such proof and instead gets stoned to death for adultery or immodest conduct, so Muslim men know they can mostly get away with it). The rape of a kuffir, however, is quite different, and not considered a crime at all: she is the sex slave who has no human rights and whose violation is morally desirable. It’s odd that after having watched the treatment of the Yazidi girls on Isis videos, where it was their non-Islamic faith that targeted them for sex slavery and death, the penny didn’t drop when it came to the sex slavery of non-Muslim girls in this country. Why not. The opinion of the police report was that the girls were chosen because they were easier to come by and the West was corrupt so it didn’t matter anyway as far as the Muslim rapist was concerned, not that one can’t take sex slaves from the Muslim community and that such a tradition marks the territory of the country under attack, nor that rape of such women is legal, and rape within marriage is legal, and the rape of uncovered women is legal, and the rape of children is legal once married to them (child brides are widespread), so rape and chid rape is a pretty familiar concept to Muslim men, far more familiar than it is to your average man in the West, where rape and child rape is always illegal and never encouraged. These facts need to be made known to the police.

  3. Bill Warner: Rape is Sunna, Not a Sin

    In Islam, Kafir women taken as slaves in jihad were raped with Mohammed’s approval. Koran: 4:24 “And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those whom your right hands (sword hand) possess.”

    According to Islamic doctrine, rape & sex slavery is not a sin. Rape of the Kafir is permitted by Mohammed and Allah in the Koran, enshrined in Sharia law. Under Sharia, Kafir women can be raped and there is no penalty. Islam is the only political system in the world that includes rules for rape and war. Rape is a tactic of jihad.

    Apologists like to argue that Koran 4:24 only applies to times of war. In Islam, the natural state between Islam and Kafir world is war, dar al harb, not peace. Peace, dar al Islam, comes only after Sharia is implemented and there is 100% submission.

    More Islamic reasons condoning rape–Islam divides the world into two camps: 1) the believers in Allah and Mohammed his prophet, who are the best of all people and 2) their enemies, the rest of humanity, or Kafirs. Islam is so concerned with Kafirs (non-Muslims) that the Koran describes in detail their treatment. Kafir is considered the lowliest of all beings, filthy, defiled and hated by Allah. They can be deceived, robbed, beat, raped, and murdered by Muslims.

    There are constant ongoing rapes by Muslims against Kafirs around the world. This is another example of the continuous 1400 year history of jihad. These crimes are political statements with ramifications for all other cultures, especially Western civilization. The most disturbing aspect of the Islamic rapes of Kafirs is not the act itself, but the Kafir dhimmi response of cowardly submission by ignoring those rapes.

  4. Jessica, thank you for the blunt and brutal truth. May it not fall on deaf ears and blind sight. Community cowardice will invite correctives karma.

  5. Does anyone think that if white Westerners were raping muslim women the police would blame the victims? England,like many places in Europe and the U.S. is infested by demented sociopaths.

    This is a struggle to the death. The islamo nazis know this but for some reason our politicians are in denial.

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