Rainbow Colonialism

by Friedrich Hansen

The hypocrisy of American liberalism is on display right now for any politically observant follower of global politics: Alt-Right manifestations of white male identity politics in Charlottesville are castigated as a threat to democracy while at the same time liberals foster and finance the real fascists far away in Kiev at the doorstep of Russia allegedly in order to spread democracy. There is no disputing the fact that liberal tyrants such as George Soros have massive pecuniary stakes in Eastern Europe, unscrupulous death merchants salivating at almost virgin Eastern European markets. This is not an overstatement since the greed is such that liberals are not shy of investments into organized Nazi violence cynically used as human shields for liberal trade wars in the fight for market shares against indigenous adversaries.

There is certainly a deja-vu here, for historians have long established how the United States utilized Nazism in the 1930’s for a similar purpose: bleeding out the communists by Nazi thugs in order to get hold of abundant Russian natural resources. The Wild Western adagio of eliminating rivals in proxy wars is best represented by Republican Senator John McCain from Arizona. He personally took part in the Euromaidan in December 2013, shortly after followers of the fascist Stephan Bandera had toppled a democratically elected Ukrainian government. Yet at the same time McCain berates his President for insufficiently condemning the white male identitarians in Charlottesville. Hypocrisy is far from being a trivial matter for ideas are the spiritual forces that are driving history.

Surely there is no denying that American‘s fancy of weaponry and superior fire power has not only provoked asymmetric warfare globally, but also corrupted the Western notion of manliness by admitting females, gays and transsexuals in combat roles of the US military. Sexual diversity, however, is not a winning strategy, only unity is as far as we can tell from historical experience. The Western obsession with sexual issues has certainly invited excessive overreactions by religious counterparts such as medieval beheadings and the fancy of jihadis for over-performing explosives. An old truth shines through here, perhaps first observed by Miguel de Cervantes in his authentic report on the battle of Lepanto (“La Galatea“,1585) in which he personally took part. In 1571 the Ottoman fleet defeated the Catholic Holy League of Venice and Spain in the Ionian See, marking the turning point towards Ottoman Western expansion. It is also known to be the last battle fought between rowing vessels, galleys unchanged since antiquity. With Europe ideologically split by the Reformation, the Ottoman bowman emerged superior to the European musketeers, carrying the first generation of very unwieldy muzzle loaders. From Cervantes point of view Lepanto was one of the last “manly and heroic battles” before the arrival of superior Western guns, firearms that would devalue manly fighters for good.

Republican Senator McCain in Kiev’s Maidan,  December 2013

The conservative Japanese might have felt the same, when they banned the rifle from their islands, preserving the fray exclusively for traditional Samurais after the import of firearms had ruined the mogul system of authority in the 17th century. This led to the total isolation of Japan well until the Middle of the 19th century. It is worth noting that the advent of the unmanly rifle coincides with the rise of Protestantism – of course I don’t claim any causality here. Yet both innovations seem to have reinforced each other. The huge consequences are not to be ignored either: the spread of guns and male dueling distorted manly virtues and survival so much that they were being replaced from thrones throughout Europe by longer lived females. The most convincing case was of course the long lasting Elizabethan rule, which ushered in the English master spy and secret diplomacy together with the rise of the British Empire. As a result, notwithstanding the martial arts, males would then devote themselves to challenges in science and the arts instead, most of them remaining unmarried as Friedrich Nietzsche observed.

Now we might ask ourselves: does the political fracas over white supremacism suggest a return of manliness proper? Or is white identitarianism simply a late awakening of the odd minority of rainbow politics, whose emancipation was long overdue after almost all other minorities secured Hegelian recognition for themselves as well as their share of the gravy train. In this context we have to remember that the US as the largest Protestant nation conquered the world with the wallet rather than the rifle. As a result they had to fight out the issue of slavery in the Civil War at a loss of well over 600.000 lives, slightly more, if the Web can be trusted, than American lives lost in the Second World War – all being due to the first combat use of the machine gun. On the other hand the issue of slavery seems to be inextinguishable from American politics in particular for Democrats simply because they fought against the abolitionists in the Civil War.

As I said, America‘s reputation for trigger happy males together with overwhelming fire power including nuclear weapons, has surely driven asymmetric warfare and terrorism, since no nation can confront the US military in a conventional war. This has weakened the prospect of manliness worldwide and puts pressure on Islamic radicals to join terrorist organizations. There is also no denying of the fact that Jihadism is affecting domestic issues of male white identity in the West, where large numbers of white male converts to Islam have been recruited as fighters. It is equally true that the war on terrorism cannot be won either militarily or by PC and media spin. After all jihadism went global only after home grown European terrorism of the IRA, the Red Brigades, Baader Meinhof and others had made explosives respectable. It is true that those terrorist for a long time found sanctuary and clandestine support in the liberal middle class or in polite society at large. The challenge of young full bearded males employing a mix of guerilla tactics, surprise attacks, and hiding in crowds skewers the boredom of levelling equality and the inflation of “human rights” of the much hyped “open society”.

Freedom in the West has meanwhile degenerated into libertinage and naked displays of sexual abominations like Gay Pride Parades, reducing sex almost to its animal variety. Against this stands Muslim jihadism, radicalized according to experts like Samuel Huntington by encounters with the “free” Western lifestyle. It is noteworthy that the most radical jihadis were bred during the 1980’s in the notorious sex hot spots of St Paul in Hamburg and Montmartre in Paris – the metropoles from where famously the 9/11 terrorists and the Mullahs of Iran emerged respectively. Muslims have sensed that in the West there is little room anymore for the display of traditional manliness and hence they put on an exalted display of coming face to face with death, features that women rarely master for sheer lack of testosterone.

Now it is important to admit that it was Western Protestantism that genuinely managed to recklessly infuse all aspects of Western life with either money (Max Weber) or sex (Sigmund Freud) and only recently with both  combined under the epithet of pornography (Michel Foucault). This is driving the Western inflation of its many addictions with drug dependency alone accounting for 50,000 deaths in the US last year.


The sexual revolution, ever so contagious, has reached a kind of saturation by spreading universal addictions of various kinds. It has propagated self-maximization by adding binge sex and promiscuous sodomy as the latest variety to the smorgasbord of compulsive disorders from binge drinking and binge eating, to binge TV viewing or binge texting with smart phone.

Battle of Lepanto: Ottoman Navy, detail from the painting by Tommaso Dolabella (1632)

As a result, today addiction is ubiquitous in the West driven by the myth of enhancing creativity and productivity. Addictions like gaming, technology, pornography and all sorts of chemical compounds are a toxic brew that can drag down any society. I suppose, this insight might be the topic after terrorism to unite East and West in disgust. Meanwhile absurdity pivoted in the US with transsexuals posturing, of all things, as soldiers in the US military. As it turns out, it took the populist President Trump to prevent them joining the US military as a way to finance their extravagent sexual desires. The same is true for allegedly incurably promiscuous gays are accommodated by gaining easy access to “fresh meat” in US military ranks. Who would be surprise if we were seeing a replay of the Röhm Putsch fairly soon?

No doubt, the gender revolution is about to take over the last vestiges of Western elite institutions. Yet in the end the price for letting the gender warriors infiltrate the mightiest military body on earth will be high indeed. It will be extracted by eradicating the remaining features of manly restraint. For for all the qualities of gay men, restraint is not one of them. Rather the ceaseless demands flowing from gender dysphoria can never be accommodated since they are driven by the centrifugal Protestant perspective. Zwingli, Calvin and Luther, the latter quite literally anticipated the postmodern gospel of “sex, drugs and Rock’n roll” – Luther‘s own rendering of the pop gospel became known as “Wein, Weib und Gesang” (vine, chicks and chant). It was the late Leo Strauss who in his 1965 book on “Spinoza’s critique of Religion” unfolded with his unique epistemological scalpel the dire consequences of Protestant anti-intellectualism and its passionate rejection of “proof of the charitable deed.” It was meant to bury the true bearings of piety in inwardness and sentimentality, habitually expressed with various kinds of posturing. Also Protestant faith-based inward religiosity acquired an infamous reputation for self-righteous conceit. As a matter of proving it, Protestants would make a habit of posing “as if,” forever immortalized by Thomas Mann in his last novel: “The impostor Felix Krull,” published 1957. Now liberal identity politics is just the organic variety of Protestant posturing culminating in the vegan cult of protecting our climate.

   The Protestant Impostor

The habit of grandstanding and pretending became almost second nature with modern Wilsonian progressives and postwar liberals. It was succinctly and delicately portrayed by Lionell Trilling in his book “The Liberal Imagination” of 1965. Liberal posturing as surrogate for intellectual acumen emulates the model of Luther’s famous gesture in front of Carl V before the Diet of Worms in 1521: “Here I stand, I can’t help!” After WW II Luther’s pop philosophy would also inspire the protagonists of the sexual revolution. New “sexual identity” politics, recklessly exploited by alternative historians for relativizing the Jewish victimology of Auschwitz, would eventually introduce a new race of victims and undermine the legitimacy of Israel. Not only were gays decisive in lifting Hitler onto the political stage of Munich but they were also Nazi perpetrators in the SA before they became victims. In Germany in particular sexual identity politics was about little more than rebellious sons getting rid of the Nazi guilt of their fathers. In 1968 it was possible again to have excessive fun and at the same time brazenly occupy the moral high ground in the West.

This incredible feat was made possible through atheist appeals to the “inner conscience” as a pretext for a life addicted to voracious sex – a continuation of the Nazi motive of an untrammeled will to power by other means. Who could deny that the gay juggernaut with its colonial appetites and global aspirations is a lethal threat to any remaining traditional cultures in the name of capitalist consumerism? No doubt this epicurean gender nonsense has become one of the driving forces behind the ongoing culture wars. Today again US foreign policy elites even under an – to his great credit – adverse and isolationist President Donald Trump are financing and supporting Nazi organizations in Eastern Europe with historical roots in Hitler’s regime. They are most notorious in the Ukraine restaging fascist attacks on post-communist Russia – a country which due to its being spared by the Reformation had to make the additional sacrifice of tens of millions of its best men and women in two world wars. It is for this reason that Russia has the least affinity or appetite for Nazi violence at a time when the country is returning to its Orthodox roots by recovering traditional Christian values such as nation and family, marriage and freedom of speech. Ironically enough it is in the US today that rather small rallies for free speech are outnumbered by vast counter demonstrations. The liberal gay mob is attacking them on behalf of tyrannical language regimes informed by the false gender narrative.

Historians and scientists in the humanities for quite some time held that the Christian family is the “rock” of the state. Yet this has been corroborated only in the negative lately: more than half of Western families are now failing and we are witnessing the disintegration of civil society and a resurgence of political violence. This is nothing compared to what seems to be ahead of us as a result of the chaos and lawlessness issuing from sexual diversity education. Everyone ought to be aware by now of this tectonic shift in Western cultural prospects. Today the indoctrination of children by the millions is well under way in the West sparing only Australia for the moment. The imposed language revolution is far more comprehensive and destructive than the teachings of Social Darwinism. The whole fabric of Western societies will be thoroughly “gendered” in Orwellian fashion and children are likely to be most effectively brainwashed into believing that there are no natural differences between man and woman and that they can choose what they want to be. Who would have imagined that mandatory school attendance, most strictly enforced in Germany due to legislation from 1937, would one day be abused for sexually shaming and defiling 3-6 year olds and to indoctrinate millions of children. Few seem to be aware of the consequences. He who will define the intimate vocabulary of the family will probably win the culture wars. Given the power and liberal bias of the modern media this is harder to prevent than many would expect.

   Old and New Colonists

A taste of what lies ahead in the West can be gathered from fights of liberal social justice warriors in the Anglosphere, about to destroy many public “colonial” monuments and statues of white males. It appears as if “liberal youth” had been inspired by the iconoclasts of the Reformation, the Taliban or ISIS which would be a kind of reverse cultural appropriation as the term now is understood. This exposes the dangerous side, the true terrorist colors, of the Antifa brigades. They appear equally poorly educated as their Asian peers for anyone can see their hypocrisy, revealed by their frustration to depose the sitting President of the US. Hypocrisy has become the liberal trade mark indicating its failing intellectual impact. For the iconoclasts of Antifa are the same people who are backing the world wide spread of the gender revolution, turning them into just the next American version of colonial bullies. Already ex-president Barack Obama had given rainbow colonialism priority status in US foreign policy. The disrespect of other cultures it betrays is abhorrent and never to be accepted for it does not allow any  other nations on this planet to protect their own family and marriage arrangements. Seen in its proper historical perspective the removal of statues is just another show of cheap public posturing and virtue signaling, the old Protestant ruse of pretense. Was Obama’s global gender regime which tied developmental aid to compliance with sexual diversity regimes in Africa, Asia and beyond not akin to colonial imperialism? If anything is not the infamous Protestant proselytizing furor and missionizing zeal alive and kicking with its new global gender warriors neatly combined with the boycott of Israel.

Antifa vandalizedthis bust of Abraham Lincoln

Yet there is one more case to be made regarding the demonization of white males and this makes its appearance in the cultural sphere namely popular crime stories in Europe and the West at large. Rarely do we see in Hollywood and TV films a villain or evil person impersonated by people of color or any identifiable minority person, but instead we are regularly presented with scoundrels of Slav extraction, i.e. bad white males hailing from Russia, Eastern Europe or the Balkans. With little education and authority left to speak of in the West and the surge of fatherless families, state repression has to step in to maintain a resemblance of order. As a result the postmodern society is increasingly populated by tribes of young men or single mother families with “multiple daddies.” The marginalizing of fathers and claims to not knowing who ones father is, indicates the return of the pre-civilizational matriarchy. Today we find ourselves in the middle of a dysfunctional matriarchate as it has been predicted by the late Irish      Catholic Patrick Moynihan (http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/remembering-moynihan-in-the-age-of-trump/): “From the wild Irish slums of the 19th-century Eastern seaboard to the riot-torn suburbs of Los Angeles,” he wrote, “there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: a community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any set of rational expectations about the future—that community asks for and gets chaos.”

First published in Geopolitica.


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  1. This is a fascinating essay, even though I can’t follow a of it. Perhaps it needs to be expanded into a book to make the arguments clearer.

    Might need some comment on Marxist and Catholic groupthink to add balance though. Then there’s the matter of the sexuality of Plato and Aristotle, and that most manly of men Alexander the Great. Not to mention those exceptional warriors of Sparta, and the warrior of mythological greatness, Achilles.

    However, it seems that those Greeks knew the difference between lust and mere appetite. Or did they? Because the ancient mystery religions seemed to simply be groups of rich, bored people indulging shallow fantasies. And what are Antifa , relatively, rich bored people indulging shallow fantasies.

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