Uproar after Somali lawmaker presents bill to legalise child marriage


There is no law mandating a minimum age for marriage in Somalia. A bill introduced in parliament this month by a presidential ally caused a storm of criticism from lawmakers when they realised it would legalise marriage at puberty – as early as 10 for some girls.

Data from a government survey this year shows that nearly a third of girls are married before their 18th birthday – just under half of those before the age of 15. 

“Some families marry off their daughters to reduce their economic burden or earn income. Others may do so because they believe it will secure their daughters’ futures or protect them,” said Dheepa Pandian, a spokeswoman from UNICEF, the United Nations’ Children’s Fund.

Many lawmakers, like legislator and human rights activist Sahra Omar Malin, reject the bill. “Our constitution is based on Islam. It says the age of maturity is 18, this is the right age for voting or for a girl to marry,” she said.

Deputy speaker Abdiweli Mudeey, who presented the bill, did not return calls seeking comment but told lawmakers that it had been reviewed by clerics and “this bill … is the correct one based on Islam.”

Nadifa Hussein, who runs three camps in the capital for families fleeing violence, shelters many abused and abandoned child brides. “Most women here were married at 13 and are divorced by the time they are 20,” Hussein said. 

People who accessed this story via Microsoft News are allowed to comment there. They are well aware that Islam allows men to take a girl of 9 years to bed, as it’s what Mohammed did, and he is the perfect man to be emulated in all things. Elsewhere in context this first comment is being sarcastic. 

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  • What a star eh?
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  2. You are quite right – he was an evil little b*****d. I just didn’t want to over do our non UK readers with more information at this stage than they needed to understand that comment

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