John Henry


Internet Pyramideology

(September 2023)

The Great Disconnect

(September 2023)

I Kissed a House and Liked It

(August 2023)

Scrape that Script: Human or Machine prose

(August 2023)

Propaganda—Guard Rails—Truth

(June 2023)

Originality and Novelty: Mozart, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Beatles, & AI

(May 2023)

There is No Kill Switch

(May 2023)

Life and Backgammon: Strategy or Chance?

(April 2023)

Sustainable Development Goals may Impinge on Personal rights: The 15-Minute City and how New Urbanism will Never be Inclusive

(March 2023)

When the Crystal Cracks

(March 2023)

Beyond Memorex: AI and DeepFakes Threaten our Humanity, Security, and May Rewrite History

(October 2022)

From FailSafe to CisGender: GenZ’s Woke World

(August 2022)

From Tablets of Stone to Digital Communications

(August 2022)

Mr. President: A Proposal for your Library

(July 2022)

Removing Serendipity

(June 2022)

What Would Walt Think?

(May 2022)

Frank Lloyd Wright vs. Andrea Palladio

(October 2020)

Gain of Function: From Sticks and Stones to Viral Pandemics

(July 2021)

A Glimpse of the Greek and Roman Mosaic

(June 2021)

Putting Woke Architecture to Sleep

(May 2021)

From European Castle to Modern American Luxury Estate

(January 2021)

Haunted Architecture

(October 2020)

Cancel Culture: Notre Dame and Hagia Sophia

(September 2020)

Prejudice, Jimi Hendrix, and Rap Music

(August 2020)

Get the Job: Architect Bags Ultimate Client

(July 2020)

The Thrill of the Chase: Philately

(June 2020)

Toxic Glass and Steel Coffins in Hyper-dense City Centers

(June 2020)

Encounters of the Hyper-Urban Kind

(May 2020)

Making Architecture Great Again: Politicizing Aesthetics

(March 2020)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer


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