Richard Kostelanetz


Witnessing Cockfights in Puerto Rico

(August 2017)

My ‘America’s Game’ as an Audio Opera

(July 2017)

The Ecstatic Erotic Art of Dorothy Iannone

(December 2016)

Self-Sabotage in the Name of K. Marx (Who He?)

(November 2016)

Black Lives Matter

(October 2016)

Preconditions for Slaughter in America

(September 2016)

Different Literary Worlds

(August 2016)

Kosti’s Ramón

(July 2016)

Celebrity Seduction: Cosby, Clinton, Trump

(June 2016)

Brown University Around 1960

(June 2016)

Noam Chomsky in 1969

(May 2016)

What Was “Conceptual Writing”?

(April 2016)

Why I Don’t Read Newspapers

(March 2016)

Reconsidering Literary Blacklisting

(February 2016)

Disappointed Literary Authors

(January 2016)

Arthur Miller @ 100

(December 2015)

The Delicious Irony of Irwin Schiff (1928-2015), R.I.P.

(October 2015)

Two Inquiries

(November 2015)

How to Kill a Dead Writer

(September 2015)

Invisible Sephardim

(August 2015)

“Invisible” White Man

(August 2015)

SoHo Zuked Again & Me Exploited

(June 2015)


(May 2015)

Skepticism About Single-Winner Prizes

(June 2015)

Bam vs. Bibi

(March 2015)

Victims of “Affirmative Action”: Bam, Tom, & Dubya

(May 2015)

The Greatest Baseball Announcers: Bob Sheppard & Vin Scully

(April 2015)

Conclusions: Kosti’s Menck & Nat (Part II)

(March 2015)

Overcoming Literary Anti-Semitism in America

(February 2015)

Conclusions: Kosti’s Menck & Nat

(January 2015)

White Light

(December 2014)

Kosti’s Karl Kraus

(November 2014)

Piling on Mrs. and Mr. Ray Rice

(September 2014)

Crazy Crapitalism

(September 2014)


(August 2014)

The Beginnings of Artists’ SoHo

(July 2014)

Purloined Literary Putdowns

(June 2014)


(June 2014)

The Fourth Mystery of Barack Obama

(May 2014)

Kosti’s Ambrose

(March 2014)

Kosti’s Ambrose, Part II

(August 2014)

Performance Critic

(April 2014)

Downtown NYC “Fun Schools”

(May 2014)

Surreptitious Intelligence Agencies

(October 2013)

The NYC Rockaways (That Sandy Made Famous)

(November 2013)

SoHo: Unplanned Urban Renewal

(December 2013)

Five Notes on Guns and the Police

(January 2014)

How The NRA Resembles The CPUSA

(February 2014)

What’s Wrong With NEA Literature

(July 2013)

Some Skepticism About The Boston Bombings Press

(April 2014)

Alger Hiss Yet Again

(September 2013)

Why Internet Dating

(June 2013)

Why Me? Another Biography of John Cage

(May 2013)

Thoughts on Joe Paterno One Year Later

(April 2013)

“Reputation Defender”?

(March 2013)

Why Do "Liberals" Hate The National Rifle Association?

(February 2013)

Sanity About the Newtown (CT) School Massacre

(January 2013)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg?

(December 2012)

Limits of Con: An Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan

(November 2012)

Edward Said Remembered: The Style of Intellectual Celebrity

(October 2012)

Why I Publish EBooks

(September 2012)

Joyce Carol Oates’ Success

(August 2012)

Philip Glass Now 75

(July 2012)

Remembering Richard Holbrooke from High School and College

(June 2012)


(May 2012)

Skepticism About Rapacious JFK

(April 2012)

Hitch Reconsidered

(March 2012)

A Gumshoe Conspiracy?

(February 2012)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer

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