The Masada Mentality of Leftist Jews, Part Two

The Masada Mentality of Leftist Jews, Part One here


by Armando Simón (December 2022)

Trapped, Yvonne Petkus, 2017


Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. —Friedrich Nietzsche

Their history of their defeats and survival is a kind of religion with them [Hungarians] as with the Jews; their heads are full of calamities which failed to destroy them. —Stephen Vizinczey


The Basis for Leftist Jews’ Anti-Semitism

Karl Marx stated that religion is the opium of the people.

To many secular Jews, Communism is their crack cocaine.

In the early days of the USSR, most of the Bolshevik Nomenklatura were Jews—and they were vicious. Dherzhinsky, the founder of the secret police, was a Jew. Trotsky, the war commissar, was a Jew. Kaganovich was a Jew. Zinoviev and Kamenev, temporary rulers of the Soviet Union after Lenin’s death, were Jews. In the initial stages of power, the membership of the Bolshevik Party was considerably Jewish until the anti-Semitic Stalin killed them. In fact, during the horrific civil war in 1918-1920, being a Jew was a guaranteed safeguard within the Bolshevik lines at a time when paranoia was rampant (during czarist times Jews had to live in ghettoes and suffered occasional pogroms, resulting in a justified resentment at the status quo, so that when the revolution took place it was payback time).

Nor is this just my personal, historical, observation. America’s first ambassador to the USSR wrote the following:


Only one out of each sixty-one inhabitants of the Soviet Union is a Jew; but twenty of the sixty-one Commissars and Vice-Commissars are Jews. The upper bureaucracy in nearly all Commissariats is Jewish. The Commissariats of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade from Litvinov and Rosengoltz down are almost totally Jewish. The Commissariat for Internal Affairs (OGPU) is under a Jew—Yagoda. So is the State Bank. And so is the Commissariat for Ways of Communication, which controls the railroads. The official news service (TASS) which supplies all the newspapers of the Union, is under a Jew—Doletski. The newly created Art Administration, which controls the entire artistic life of the country, is under a Jew—Karzhentsev.


And it was not just Russia. At about the same time as the Bolshevik revolution, Hungary underwent a short lived Communist revolution under the leadership of Bela Kun, a Jew. His lieutenant, Tibor Szamuely, also a Jew, proclaimed in Keith Olbermann style:


Power has fallen into our hands. Those who wish the old regime to return, must be hung without mercy. We must bite the throat of such individuals. The victory of the Hungarian Proletariat has not cost us major sacrifices so far. But now the situation demands that blood must flow. We must not be afraid of blood. Blood is steel: it strengthens our hearts, it strengthens the fist of the Proletariat. Blood will make us powerful. Blood will lead us to the true world of the Commune. We will exterminate the entire bourgeoisie if we have to!


In the early part of the 20th century, many Jewish immigrants to America had leftist leanings and some were outright Marxists. In Eby’s Comrades and Commissars, we see that the Abraham Lincoln Brigade that was sent to fight in Spain was almost entirely of East Coast Jews. In America, many Jews have been Marxism’s most fanatical supporters: the Frankfurt School, Howard Fast, the Rosenberg spies, Maximillian Cohen, Bertram Wolfe, S. J. Gould, George Koval, Susan Rosenberg, the Apthekers, Sidney Hook, William Kunstler, Jerry Rubin, Noel Ignatiev, Abbie Hoffman, the spies Morris & Lona Cohen, Immanuel Wallerstein, Israel Amter, Theodor Adorno, Saul Alinsky, Erich Fromm, Armand Hammer, Bernie Sanders, Fran Lebowitz, Seth Rogen, Ralph Ginzburg, Herbert Marcuse, Howard Zinn, Sam Wannamaker, Morris Cohen (aka Peter Kroger), Richard Hofstadter, Jamie Raskin, David Remnick, Harmony Goldberg, Jake Silverstein (for that matter, just about the entire staff of the New York Times), the directors Sydney Pollack and Sodenbergh. Six of the infamous Hollywood 10, the overglorified “martyrs of McCarthyism,” were Jews. Oleg Gordievsky’s massive KGB: The Inside Story of Its Foreign Operations from Lenin to Gorbachev, shows how many apparatchiks in Russia and how many Western spies for the Soviet Union were Jews. Jews in the West even supported Stalin when, towards the end of his life, he began a deadly anti-Semitic campaign.

Many Communist Jews hated/hate Israel and Jews in general, from Marx to the Apthekers to Comrade Senator Bernie Sanders. We also see this attitude today in unimportant Jews. In fact, one synagogue in New York will not allow prayers to be said for Israel, nor will it allow the Israeli flag to be displayed. This is why Trump’s many actions benefitting Israel and Jews elicited not one drop of gratitude from leftist Jews. It may have actually exacerbated their hatred towards him.

And it makes no impression whatsoever in Communists, Jewish or Gentile, that in every single instance of a country becoming Marxist, it has been a catastrophe for humanity; the history of Marxism is one continuous mass murder along with the destruction of art, science, economy, education, history, religion and agriculture. But to them, facts don’t matter. As Hegel put it, “If theory and facts disagree, so much the worse for the facts.”

Fanaticism makes people stupid.

So, why are Marxist Jews so committed to blacks? To hear them tell it, it is because Jews are so noble and so dedicated to “social justice.” The truth is quite different and, though it merits lengthy exposition, I will be brief.

During the first half of the 20th century Communists tried to infiltrate the worker’s union movement in America but, unlike Europe, American workers would have nothing to do with them. Workers realized early on that the Communists were not really interested in them but wanted to use them to gain power (however, nowadays it is the union leaders, not the rank and file that are the Communists; they have infiltrated the unions and gone for the positions of power by keeping quiet about their real aims, to the detriment of the workers).

On the other hand, Negroes were secondhand citizens and in some areas of the country abominably treated, so in the 1960s Communists shifted their focus and had some success, particularly with the nowadays sanitized Black Panthers and other groups (Thomas Wolfe wrote a scathing satire of these leftist Jews in his Radical Chic). The blacks were now the proletariat with whites being the capitalist exploiters. There was even some talk about a race war. The whole thing fizzled out along with other Communist terrorist groups of the Sixties, such as the SDS, the Weather Underground, the Symbionese Liberation Movement and others (Marxist historians have expunged these groups from the Sixties, portraying the Sixties as just about peace, music, and hippies).

Now, the Marxists have dusted off their previous plans and once more targeted the (proletariat) blacks against white (capitalist) society. Their Marxism is now centralized around race. This time, they are more disciplined, more fanatical, and more thorough, which is why we constantly hear about “systemic racism,” cultural appropriation,” “critical race theory,” and other similar buzzwords. We also hear statements that are not only lies but are absolutely insane. Shimon Rolnitzky voices this delusion well: “A large part of the black, Latino and Muslim communities, our neighbors, look at us religious Jews as their natural allies against a world of enmity and hate.”

And, how exactly, is racism an extension of capitalism, which is just an economic system? It just is! You have to believe!

One of the talents of Marxists is infiltrating institutions and burrowing towards the seats of power within those institutions (including Jewish organizations), no matter how seemingly unimportant. And since most people are cowards who avoid confrontation, their progress has become unimpeded. They are cloning themselves at a prodigious pace. Brainwashing indoctrination sessions have been established in government bureaucracies, universities, high schools, elementary schools, the military, the FBI, the media, and in numerous businesses (the indoctrination has been so intense, that whites are led to believe that blacks are like gods walking among mere mortals and have to kneel—literally kneel—when they see a black person). As was the plan in Marxist countries, indoctrination in schools will usher in The New Man.

After the race war, of course.

And if there is no race war, well, white people will simply be replaced by sheer numbers.

On top of that, the issue of “reparations” comes up, whereby people who do not own slaves must give money to people who are not slaves. This is just a rewording of the Marxist “redistribution of wealth.”

Except that this is America. We don’t “redistribute” wealth, we earn it.

But, why in the world are leftist Jews so committed to defending Muslims and advocating for increased Muslim immigration? Because Muslims hate Western societies and Western values and openly say so—and act accordingly. The Marxist goal is to destroy society, denigrate every single aspect of it, from holidays like Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, and July 4th to history to the Constitution and the Supreme Court to statues which must be brought down (as did ISIS when those fanatics tried to establish their own utopia). Then, and only then, can a new Diverse, Inclusive, Equity (DIE) society rise from the ashes, whereupon The New Man will create utopia where there will be a transgender bathroom in every corner, and no one will own anything and be happy.

And, of course, the immigration of Muslim jihadists will accelerate the progress.

What could possibly go wrong?

“But for people who pride themselves on having an abnormally high IQ, we Jews can be among the most retarded of geniuses, because that strategy no longer works.”

It gets more absurd. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, when “Jewish” was paramount to “Jew,” Jews wanted to appear as no different from Gentiles. The joking phrase, “Funny, you don’t look Jewish” was considered anti-Semitic. However, nowadays leftist Jews have decided that they are not white—and become shocked when blacks don’t share their delusion and insult them, and assault them, because they are obviously white. These particular blacks, almost all rabid ghetto trash who enjoy violence for the sake of violence, are racists and have no inkling of solidarity with other non-white racists in order to bring about the Marxist utopia—just look at the numerous attacks on Asian-Americans. They’re just criminals doing what criminals do.

News flash: Blacks do not have an affinity for Jews.

In a way, these Jews’ delusion is not surprising since being A MINORITY is a status symbol now in America, so much so that many whites (most of them neurotic women) pass themselves off as blacks or Native Americans or Hispanic in order to reap the benefits. Just look at Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas. So it follows that many Jews feel that they are not white because … they’re Jews.

And here is the result of that logic:

  • A Jewish Communist at Harvard by the name of Noel Ignatiev proposed that, “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.”
  • Professor Mathilde Cohen of the University of Connecticut gave a lecture in France denigrating it because the whiteness of French food enforces a dominance over ethnic minorities. It didn’t go over well.
  • George Ciccariello-Maher of Drexel University, called for the genocide of white people. He resigned from there and was hired by New York University. Perhaps it is just me, but it seems odd to read of a Jew advocating genocide.
  • As with so many other outlets of the media hivemind, The Washington Post employs leftist columnists that it claims to be “conservatives,” such as Jennifer Rubin who became ecstatic in learning that white people may be a minority in their own country.
  • An article by Shreena Gandhi and Lillie Wolff claim that white people who practice yoga are guilty of (1) cultural appropriation (2) supporting the yoga industrial complex and (3) promoting white supremacy. Wolff is a self-described “antiracist white Jewish organizer and healer.”
  • Emily Goldstein wrote an article explaining that, “Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing)”
  • And then, there is Tim Wise, who not only hates white people, but Israel as well: “You white people are on an endangered list. And, unlike say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around, and that’s a good thing.”


The ultimate aim of these psychotics is that white people, who created theater, medicine, space exploration, cars, air conditioning, computers, airplanes, science, superb music, art and literature “should be replaced by a repellent underclass that prides itself in its ignorance, violence, and illiteracy,” to quote the inimitable Taki.

These Marxists are not content in talking with each other, but want to utilize propaganda, whether it is in universities and schools, but also in movies and in books.

The present Communist fantasy is that the People of Color (i.e., blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Muslims) have an instinctive hatred for white people, so with the right motivation and prodding, the PoC will band together and exterminate white people.

Except … nah.

The fact of the matter is, if you exclude the PoC who have been indoctrinated in colleges, Muslims, Asians and Hispanics don’t hate white people. If anything, they hate blacks. And with good reason. Here is David Cole’s take:


And indeed, one of the ways in which Mexican migrants can appear conservative is that they outright reject the delusion of sacred blackness. We are a nation in the grip of a delirium, a lunatic belief system—damn near mandated by law—that blacks are divine and magical and untouchable and one must never show disrespect or say they’re wrong about anything or worst of all utter the “n-word” that blacks hate the most (“no”). And Mexicans reject that delirium. America’s “black sacredness” superstition means as much to a Mexican as an eruv wire means to a gentile. So Mexicans come here and treat blacks with the greatest of hostility …


There is also the cognitive dissonance fact for liberals that “Hispanic” simply denotes a person who speaks the Spanish language and is not a race. The Hispanics of Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile are white, including many blue-eyed blondes, while the rest of Spanish-speaking countries have a mixture of races.

However, one other possibility that these Marxist racists, black or white, Gentile and Jewish, have not taken into account is that one of these days white people may decide that they have had enough and are not going to take their crap anymore.


The Ideological Golems

And, finally, this brings me to George Soros’ bankrolling leftist DAs in several states who are not prosecuting black criminals and are releasing them as soon as they are arrested, so that they can continue helping destroy society as it drowns in a crime wave, which will ultimately result in an equalitarian paradise (compare their treatment to some January 6 defendants who have been denied bond for two years over misdemeanor charges). These DAs also harass police as “racist oppressors” and promote the defunding of police, which has resulted in police leaving the force in droves. Soros recently indulged in crimewashing (to use Taki’s apt phrase) with an op-ed justifying this plan by using the usual “social justice” jargon, where he portrays himself as a very moral person—mind you, the same person who helped the Nazis confiscate Jewish property. And profited from doing so.

Someone else wrote a book titled In Defense of Looting.

At any rate, not everything is going according to plan.

Since Muslims have not been told what the master plan is, they are indulging in their pastime of insulting and killing Jews.

The ghetto trash is also not sticking to the script. In fact, they don’t even know there’s a script. For example, BLM has accumulated millions from stupid white people (including stupid Jews) and the money has not been spent for the benefit of the black community or to further the mythical revolution. Rather, the black men and women running the scam have spent millions on buying drugs and numerous multimillion dollar houses (BLM now stands for Buying Large Mansions). As for ghetto trash, yes, they are indulging in crime in Democrat controlled cities, the little darlings, and yes, they are being instantly released by the leftist DAs to create more havoc, but they are also attacking Jews, whites, and Asians. And killing each other.

And, it goes without saying that Soros and other Marxist Jews expect the golems to acknowledge them as their saviors and leaders.

It’s not forthcoming.

The obstacle to leftist Jews calibrating their worldview is the undeniable fact that fanaticism makes anyone stupid. In this case, adopting a suicidal Jonestown mentality. I have already noted the obviously white Jews clamoring for white genocide. This is also found in Hollywood, in bypassing talented Jewish actors/actresses in favor of “underrepresent” and “marginalized” blacks—even though blacks are in fact overrepresented in movies.

In the Soviet Union under Stalin, there were many people whose parents were murdered by the NKVD, or they themselves were sent to the gulag, yet remained staunch defenders of both Stalin and Marxism, and some have remained so to this day.

Fanaticism truly makes people stupid.

Apparently, this lemming-like Masada mentality has been around for some time. According to James Koerner’s Hoffer’s America, back in the 1970s, Eric Hoffer, the great longshoreman philosopher (now neglected) who dedicated his life to studying mass movements, had discussions with leftist Jews who advocated violence in society and/or wanted greater representation of blacks in the scientific fields—at whatever cost. “Don’t they know that the Jews will be the first ones to be wiped out in such a society? Are they that dumb?”

Perhaps there is a reason for their irrationality. One of the things that obsess Jews, secular and observant, Marxists and humanists, is the terrible oppression that they have suffered throughout the ages in many societies. This feeling is buried deep in their subconscious, since they have been made aware of past persecutions from childhood. The fear of persecution, and the seething resentment because of it, is present in all Jews ( for example, according to Josh Margolin—one of the components of the media hivemind—the criticism of the FBI resulting from the raid at Mar al Lago is due entirely to anti-Semitism from “neo-Nazis” and “white supremacists,” because Merrick Garland is Jewish).

Even with all our vaunted ‘introspection,’ our therapists, our neuroses, and our supposedly examined lives, we can be some of the densest dumbasses in the world.”

Although American Jews may have experienced fleeting, isolated, episodes of anti-Semitic discrimination in the past in this country, all would agree they have been rare instances.

“Despite facing virtually no discrimination in America, many Jews have become slowly convinced that the other 98 percent of America would gladly send them off to the camps. Ethnic paranoia has come to dominate Jewish identity, which was on full display during the Trump years.”

Jews have prospered and felt secure in America. So let us take a moment to be brutally honest: it is the height of ingratitude for leftist Jews to try to destroy a country that has been their refuge (again: fanaticism makes people stupid).

Or, as the novelist Philip Roth told a rabbi, “There is a Zion, and it’s called America.”

Putting it another way:


In a perfect world, these rabbinical Rain Men would finally get the fuck over the Holocaust and end their war of hostility against the West. They’d see that whites are no longer the enemy, but indeed the opposite. They’d see that importing foreign mud to mold golem after golem in traditionally white regions of the U.S. is bad strategy.


So, for God’s sake, I beg of you to think!

And if you still insist in committing suicide then, then go right ahead, but don’t demand that we join you.


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Armando Simón is a native of Cuba, a retired psychologist, author of numerous books.

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  1. There is an error in this piece. McCarthy had nothing to do with the HCUA, which targeted the Hollywood communists in 1947. His was a Senate investigation looking for spies in the government, struck in 1950.

  2. Felix Dherzhinsky, the founder of the Soviet secret police, the Cheka, was not a Jew. He was a scion of Polish gentry from Belarus.

  3. I stand corrected. I was working from memory, which was obviously incorrect and which I should have double checked.
    On the other hand, Angelika Balabanoff and Rosa Luxemburg were Jews.

  4. ‘Fanaticism makes people cruel and stupid.’
    Thank you for the comprehensive education.
    Another proof of this fanaticism truism is the transgendering of children below the age of 25. Arriving at that age the individual’s brain anatomy is essentially complete and producing hormones, neurotransmitters in proper balance. Thus, it can be rationally argued that the individual can understand and give informed consent for irreversible transgendering (mutilation).
    Proponents of transgendering need to have their consciences, limbic and cortextual systems returned to their Source for repairs and upgrade to humane status.

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