Kirby Olson


Allen Ginsberg was Maoist

(August 2021)

Biden Time

(July 2022)

Coming Home from the Hamilton Musical & More

(June 2022)

Kerouac: Searching for the Road

(May 2021)

Conspiracy Theories and Patrick Byrne’s ‘The Deep Rig’

(April 2021)

Only the Stench Remains

(March 2021)

Bar Fly

(February 2021)

The Midget Nun Becomes and Editor

(January 2021)

An Academic Encounter

(December 2020)

The Fiscal Calendar for Global Warming

(November 2020)

Two Poems

(October 2020)

Not Everything in New York is Poetry

(September 2020)

My Boy Falstaff

(July 2020)

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Green

(August 2020)

An Incident After Midnight

(July 2020)

Law Comes to the Aid of Norms

(June 2020)

Dali’s Second Call

(May 2020)

The Mountain

(April 2020)

New Year’s Eve

(March 2020)

The Funeral

(February 2020)

Tennis University

(January 2019)


(December 2019)


(November 2019)

The Mexican Circus

(October 2019)


(September 2019)

Cracker College

(August 2019)

Bovina: Avant-Garde Fireworks

(July 2019)

DC in Summer

(June 2019)

Statue of Liberty

(May 2019)


(April 2019)

Paper Cities

(February 2019)

The Joke Trial

(October 2018)

Pax Romana, 66.6 AD and More

(September 2018)

Busing Circa 1969 as Seen Today

(August 2018)

July 4th (Peter Schjeldahl’s in Bovina) and Central Park

(July 2018)

Churches of Sumatra

(June 2018)

North Korean Traffic Cop & Democracy

(May 2018)

Tooth Abstraction

(April 2018)

Jason and Media

(March 2018)

Politicians: Two Poems

(February 2018)

Who’s Driving the Bus?

(January 2018)


(November 2017)

Love at the Institute for Interspecies Sport

(October 2017)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer


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