Michael Shindler


A Grey Field

(September 2023)

Atop the Topless Towers

(June 2023)


(April 2023)

There is a Jolly Traveling Man

(March 2023)

The Dancers

(February 2023)

Poems by Johann Mayrhofer and Emanuel Geibel

(January 2023)

A Sort of Trumpeter

(December 2022)

A Great Prince and Princess & Apollo

(November 2022)

A Porcelain Mask

(October 2022)

In the Bosom

(September 2022)

The Branch & A Thousand Lances

(August 2022)

A Silhouette

(July 2022)

Four Poems by Gabriele D’Annunzio

(June 2022)

The Seamstress

(May 2022)

A Whisper

(April 2022)

We are Almost

(March 2022)

A Little Black Boat

(February 2022)


(January 2022)

An Urge to Sway

(December 2021)

The Horse and Broken Beams

(November 2021)

Three Poems by Gabriele D’Annunzio

(October 2021)

Three Poems

(September 2021)

A Bird of Prey

(August 2021)

Mother’s Home

(July 2021)

The Fisher’s Loveluck by Karl Gottfried von Leitner

(June 2021)

Two Poems

(May 2021)

Lover’s Dancing and A Lone Thief

(April 2021)

Two Poems of Hoffmann von Fallersleben

(March 2021)

Three Poems

(February 2021)

Night Birds

(January 2021)

Three Poems

(December 2020)


(November 2020)

Four Poems

(October 2020)

Three Poems by Clemens Brentano

(September 2020)

On the Water’s Face

(August 2020)

Four Poems

(July 2020)

The Trees

(June 2020)

Four Poems of Gabriele D’Annunzio

(May 2020)

Two Poems

(April 2020)

We Had Heard Them

(March 2020)

When I Grow

(February 2020)

A White Stag

(January 2019)

O, a King

(December 2019)

A Boy in the Sea

(November 2019)

Yet the Fruit

(October 2019)

Go and Gather Me Flowers

(September 2019)

Morning’s Work

(August 2019)

Ash and Asphodels

(July 2019)

Two Poems of Friedrich Ruckert

(June 2019)

My Daughter

(May 2019)

Two Poems of Gabriele D’Annunzio

(April 2019)

We Walk

(March 2019)

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