Norman Berdichevsky


The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Treasury of Hebrew, Part 2

(August 2023)

The Three-Thousand-Year-Old Treasury of Hebrew, Part 1

(July 2023)

Tarbut—The Diaspora Educational System that Supported Hebrew as Israel’s National Language

(June 2023)

Remembering the Danish Minority in Nazi Germany

(May 2023)

How Many Assassins Were There?

(April 2023)

The Concept of Muskeljudentum

(April 2023)

Gino Bartali, Cyclist and ‘Righteous Among the Nations’

(June 2022)

I Could Eat a Horse, or Would I?

(March 2022)

And the Hebrews Learn it Backwards

(January 2022)

What Herzl Meant by Zionism and Why Israel is a Pluralistic Democracy

(August 2021)

Hebrew: The Transition of an Ancient Liturgical Language to a Modern Vernacular

(May 2021)

Esperanto’s New Optimism

(April 2021)

Britain’s Iconic Letterboxes and Public Phones

(March 2021)

Blue Bloods

(February 2021)

The Role of the Western Sahara in the Moroccan-Israeli Peace Accord

(January 2021)

Mystery at the Bridge Club

(December 2020)

One Nation? Under God? Indivisible? With Liberty and Justice for All?

(November 2020)

A Tale of Two Parties:

(October 2020)

The Meteoric Rise and Fall of BASIC English

(August 2020)

Why Blue Lives Matter, the Defaced Monuments, and the Missing Apologies

(July 2020)

Linguistic Globalism vs. Nationalism:

(June 2020)

The Bellwether of Modernist Architecture in Britain: The Story of the De La Warr Pavilion

(April 2020)

Trump’s Giveaways to the Democrats

(February 2020)

The Demise of Jeremy Corbyn

(January 2019)

Christian Arab Patriots

(December 2019)

The Danish-Swedish Rivalry and Scanian Regionalism

(October 2019)

Jorge Luis Borges: Out of Sync with Argentina’s other Iconic Figures

(September 2019)

How the Left Wins the Arguments by Narratives, Post-Modernism, and the Greater Moral Significance

(August 2019)

The Good Cop—An Israeli Bright-Dark Comedy

(March 2019)

A Lurking Pocahontas

(November 2018)

Racism, Citizenship and Illegal Migrants in The Dominican Republic and the United States

(July 2018)

When Blacks and Irish Nationalists Were Zionist Allies

(April 2018)

On the Kindness of Strangers in America

(March 2018)

Czechoslovakia’s Crucifixion of 1938

(February 2018)

Fake News Thrives

(January 2018)

Assimilation vs. Parallel Societies

(December 2017)

The Catalunyan Referendum and What Lay Behind It

(November 2017)

Is Trump another Truman? The Upcoming Challenge of Kurdish Independence

(October 2017)

Identity and Abandonment: Jewish Identity in History and Fiction

(September 2017)

The Mirage of “National Self-Determination” (and its limits)—Montenegro and Palestine

(July 2017)

Florida’s Immigration History When Ethnicity, Religion and Language Hardly Mattered

(December 2016)

A Tale of Two Kings: the Yellow Star Legend That Refuses to Die

(November 2016)

The Other Republican Businessman Candidate for President: Wendell Willkie

(October 2016)

The Rio Olympic Games and Brazilian Participation in World War II

(September 2016)

What Americans Should Know about Brazil’s Dual Legacy of Slavery and the Monarchy

(August 2016)

Where is the American Muslim Babe Ruth?

(July 2016)

Israel at 68 – Growth, Progress, Prosperity and Defiance

(June 2016)

The Abolition of Slavery in the Danish West Indies and the Governor’s Mulatto Mistress

(May 2016)

“Trial,” Hollywood’s Prescient Film on the Left’s Playbook

(April 2016)

The Vote for the Greatest Portuguese and its Leading Candidates

(March 2016)

The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise

(February 2016)

The Genius of the Multilingual Swiss and Their Confederal Republic (CH)

(February 2016)

Hillary & Evita and their Respective Banana Republics

(January 2016)

The Thousandth Anniversary of the Danish Conquest of England

(January 2016)

Jacob Riis – The Story of America’s Most Famous Immigrant of the Late 19th Century

(December 2015)

Pastor Kaj Munk: Martyr of the Danish Resistance

(November 2015)

In Defense of Ben Carson’s Remarks on the Holocaust

(November 2015)

A Solution for Muslim Refugees Clamoring to Enter Europe?

(October 2015)

The Danish Historical Television Drama 1864

(September 2015)

Marxism’s Opportunistic Interpretation of the National Question

(August 2015)

Absurd Identity Politics; Rachel Dolezal, et. al.

(July 2015)

The IDF Sword Batallion

(July 2015)

Mahal – The Third International Brigade When Israel Was the Darling of the Left

(June 2015)

The Other Forgotten International Brigade

(May 2015)

Why It’s Worth Seeing “The Sound of Music” Again

(April 2015)

Portugal’s Attempts at Jewish Reparations and the Fig Leaf of Lusotropicalism

(April 2015)

The Wind and the Lion – Hollywood’s Defense of Radical Islam in the Shadow of Vietnam

(March 2015)

“Fanny and Alexander” and Contemporary Swedish Antisemitism

(February 2015)

The Defective Harper Collins Atlas and the Missing State of Israel

(January 2015)

The Last Israelis

(January 2015)

George Deek and his Rejection of the Arab Culture of Intimidation, Intolerance and Intransigence

(December 2014)

Hollywood’s Failure to Immortalize Franciszek Gabryszewski

(November 2014)

The Florida Panhandle, John Gorrie and Air-conditioning

(September 2014)

Why Muslims “Become Radicalized” is No Mystery

(August 2014)

Modern Hebrew – The Past and Future of a Revitalized Language

(June 2014)

Obama’s Pen, Phone and Scissors

(March 2014)

The “Other Norwegians”

(April 2014)

The BBC’s Newspeak Coverage of the Boston Marathon

(May 2014)

Amusement on a Long Flight Alone

(January 2014)

Esperanto and Modern Hebrew –“Artificial” Languages that Came to Life

(February 2014)

Good and Bad Coups

(October 2013)

Obamacare Will Follow the Fate of Prohibition

(November 2013)

From Albert to Arik: There Has Been None Like Einstein

(December 2013)

Zohar Argov and the Hebrew Language Gap

(May 2013)

Orianna Fallaci, Woman of Valor

(April 2013)

Why Left and Right Differ Elsewhere

(March 2013)

Hollywood’s Intentional Ignorance of the Crimes of Communist and Muslim Regimes

(February 2013)

Cyrus to Ahmadinejad, The Ancient Persian Ally Turned into Shi’ite Foe

(January 2013)

Is Art Inevitably Tainted by Politics?

(December 2012)

The Failed Democrat Campaign to Smear Romney and Cut the Pie into a Dozen Pieces

(November 2012)

No Ethnic Vote is Cast in Stone – Not Even the Jewish One

(October 2012)

Palestine Betrayed (by the Palestinians)

(September 2012)

2016, Obama’s America – The Film

(September 2012)

A Forgotten Heroine of the Norwegian Resistance

(August 2012)

Pilar Rahola, Woman of Conscience

(July 2012)

An Introduction (and Advanced Course) to Danish Culture

(June 2012)

Israel: From Darling of the Left to Pariah State

(May 2012)

The Moroccan Jews: Contradictions Galore

(April 2012)

Swedish Conditions, Or, Something is Rotten in the State of Sweden

(March 2012)

The Iraqi Jews – The Oldest Diaspora, Now Safe in Israel

(February 2012)

The Yemenites

(December 2011)

The Yemenites

(November 2011)

Uruguay’s Bilingual Heritage and Portuñol

(November 2011)

The Proud “Black Republicans” and the Democrat Chairwoman’s Ignorance

(September 2011)

The Casey Anthony Trial and the Rashomon Syndrome

(August 2011)

Why I Wrote These Two Books

(June 2011)

Israel: World Center for Three Great Faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Bahaism

(May 2011)

Dalí and Gaudí: Two Eccentric Catalan Geniuses and the Renaixença

(April 2011)

Scorsese’s Gangs of New York: How the Left Misuses American History

(March 2011)

The Religious Left, J.B. Matthews and the Censure of Senator McCarthy

(January 2011)

American Jews’ Paradoxical Allegiance to the Democratic Party

(September 2010)

Stuyvesant Boys, the 1960 Graduation and the 50th Reunion

(October 2010)

The Golden Calf Idols of the World Cup, The Olympics, and What Happened in Berlin, 1936

(August 2010)

Diversity and Affirmative Action Everywhere but The Supreme Court

(June 2010)

Diversity and Affirmative Action Everywhere but The Supreme Court

(May 2010)

Spain’s Overseas Plazas in Africa, the Gibraltar Question and the Western Sahara; A Complicated Chess Game

(July 2010)

Two Peas in a Pod: Tiger & Obama

(June 2010)

It Has Already Happened Here

(April 2010)

What’s in a Name?

(November 2010)

Freedom for Kurdistan – An Authentic Nation

(February 2010)

Nazis in Newark 1933-41; a Parallel Universe with Today

(December 2009)

Fascist Italy and Austria Hand Hitler His First Defeat

(September 2009)

"Edot HaMizrah" Israel’s Oriental Jewish Communities

(August 2009)

What Obama and the Media Don’t Know or Care to Report

(July 2009)

Jihad – Islam’s 6th Pillar

(June 2009)

A Tale of Two Partitions: India 1947 and Palestine 1948

(March 2009)

Spain and Israel – A Tale of Many Turns

(February 2009)

Arab Support for Zionism, 1917-1948

(February 2009)

The Election & The Widening Chasm Among American Jews

(October 2008)

The Sixties Revisited

(December 2008)

Literature’s Most Misunderstood Novel

(October 2008)

Franco, Fascism and the Falange – Not One and the Same Thing

(September 2008)

Communist Party Support for Cuban Dictator Batista

(August 2008)

What Some Best-Sellers Have to Say About Space, Place, and Territory

(June 2008)

The Neglect Of Geography And Its Perils

(May 2008)

Allies of Jihad

(April 2008)

Spain In The Shadow Of Bin Laden

(March 2008)

The Most Widely Believed Political Myth

(December 2007)

My Confrontations with The New York Times and BBC

(October 2007)

Coffee Or Tea?

(May 2008)

Multiculturalism in the U.K.: Faith Based and Ethnic Schools

(February 2008)

Why Esperanto Is Different

(December 2007)

Baseball and Cricket

(January 2008)

Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat – an Antidote for Islamic Fundamentalism

(November 2007)

Hans Christian Andersen’s "Fairy Tales" for Adults

(September 2007)

New York’s Subway and London’s Underground

(August 2007)

The Torah And The Constitution

(July 2007)

Are The Arabs Finally Beginning to Ask Giuseppe’s Questions?

(June 2007)

The Verdict on Marxism-Leninism: "Case Closed"

(April 2007)

Carter’s Book; Israel, Apartheid and Arab Grievances

(March 2007)

History Worth Remembering; The Danish Minority in Nazi Germany and the "Jewish Question"

(February 2007)

The Dream Tickets for the 2008 Election

(January 2007)

The Z Word and a Search for Personal Identity

(December 2006)

The Myth of the Golden Age of Tolerance in Medieval Muslim Spain

(November 2006)

The Media’s Debacles

(October 2006)

Humor in War and Peace

(September 2006)

Hollywood’s Treatment of French Schizophrenia

(July 2006)

What the Good Soldier Schweik Knew Then

(June 2006)

The "Animal Farm" Syndrome and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

(May 2006)

Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales, "Matador" and Danish Courage

(April 2006)

The Example of a Weak America

(March 2006)

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