New English Review

June 2022

Flower Clouds, Odilon Redon, 1903


Today’s Rx: A Shard of Ice

Theodore Dalrymple

No Evidence for COVID-19 Death Inequality between the White and Black US Populations

Petr Chylek

Hatred of Human Reality Defines Postmodern Tragedy

Pedro Blas González

The Art of the Gimmick

Peter Dreyer

Hell’s Bells and Buckets of Blood: In Memoriam Hermann Nitsch

Jillian Becker

Victorian Architecture in Ulster

James Stevens Curl

It’s OK to Experiment with the Education of Other People’s Children

Nikos Akritas

Of Prisoners and Pilgrims

Jeff Plude

On Ideology

Myron Gananian

The Coming Post-Mathematic Age

Christopher Ormell

Chesterton’s Wild Ride: The Man Who Was a Thursday

Lorenzo Buj

Historians: Do Your Duty!

Armando Simón

Pollyanna Takes Kiev

G. Murphy Donovan

In Absentia: A Brief Note on The Poetry of the Sisters Brontë

James Como

Gino Bartali, Cyclist and ‘Righteous Among the Nations’

Norman Berdichevsky

The Golden Age of Academe

Ralph Berry

Moral Writing and the Sound of One Hand Clapping

Carl Nelson

Israel and the Jordanian Question

Mordechai Nisan

A Personal Reflection on “Inherit The Stars”

Andy Thomas

Cares versus Care-nots

Robert Lewis

Huckleberry Days

G. Murphy Donovan

Cars from Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Limbo

Kenneth Francis

Those UFOs Have Returned

Armando Simón


Samuel Hux

Removing Serendipity

John Henry

Nasty: Notes from a Protest and an Encounter with the Executive Director of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod

G. Tod Slone

Russia and Ukraine

Christopher Garbowski

93 and Not Dead Yet: By George, She’s Lost It!

Reg Green

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