New English Review

August 2022

Paris through the Window, Marc Chagall, 1961


The Mystery of Life and Mr Toad

Theodore Dalrymple

Ukraine: Escalation is Inevitable

Emmet Sweeney

Stalin’s Architect: Book Review

James Stevens Curl

The Quran and Its Biblical Reflexes: Investigations into the Genesis of a Religion

Mark Durie

Gatekeeper Government

G. Murphy Donovan

Ten Loaded Words

Ralph Berry

Two Victorias on Ukraine

G. Murphy Donovan

Epitaphs of the Vietnam War: A Dead Statesman’s Angry and Deluded Son

Jeff Plude

Faust in History and Legend

Jillian Becker

Life, Reason, and Literature in a Time of Mass Psychosis

Pedro Blas González

Peculiar Architecture: Book Review

James Stevens Curl

The Problem of Henry VIII (or, Giving Shakespeare a Break)

David Solway

Spiking the News is Worse Than Fake News

Armando Simón

An Anthropologist at Large

Jerry Gordon

From FailSafe to CisGender: GenZ’s Woke World

John Henry

Why I No Longer Believe in AI

Andy Thomas

Eyes on Fire, Little Beggars

Robert Gear

Whither American Diplomacy?

Myron Gananian

Memories and Rosenbluth

Samuel Hux

Free Speech in the USSR and in the US

Lev Tsitrin

The Point Beyond

Peter Dreyer

Christianity’s Genius

Robert Lewis

How to Maximize Your Neighborhood Investment

Carl Nelson

Allen Ginsberg was Maoist

Kirby Olson

Call it What it is: A Lit-Crit Exercise

Samuel Hux

Racism is Not the Core Variable

Nikos Akritas

Interesting Concept

Kenneth Francis

The Ornamental Role of the Poet in a Democratic Society

G. Tod Slone

From Tablets of Stone to Digital Communications

John Henry

Why has the US failed to Bring Freedom in Sudan?

Lt. Gen. Abakar M. Abdullah and Jerry Gordon

50 Years After Being Expelled from Uganda

Dolar Vasani

93 and Not Dead Yet: Nothing But … Or Nothing Like … The Truth

Reg Green

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