Carl Nelson


Marital Happiness

(September 2022)

How to Maximize Your Neighborhood Investment

(August 2022)

Apprehensions, Those Rhetoricians of the Sea

(July 2022)

Moral Writing and the Sound of One Hand Clapping

(June 2022)

Raw Intelligence

(May 2022)


(April 2022)

West Virginia Poetry

(March 2022)

The Feminine Blur, Part II

(February 2022)

The Feminine Blur, Part 1

(January 2022)

Becoming Remarkable, Part 3

(December 2021)

Becoming Remarkable, Part 2

(November 2021)

Becoming Remarkable, Part 1

(October 2021)

Just a Phase

(August 2021)

Dark Magic

(July 2021)


(June 2021)

The Life and Times of Carl Nelson

(April 2021)

Peristalsis: The Ongoing Story

(March 2021)

A Citizen for All Seasons

(February 2021)

Two Poems

(January 2021)

Evasion of the Body Snatchers

(December 2020)

The Agony of Being Mental

(October 2020)

Turtle Mind

(September 2020)

How the End Comes About

(August 2020)

Wife Poems

(July 2020)

I’m Optimistic Towards the End of Life

(May 2020)

It’s Turtles All The Way Down

(April 2020)

Two Poems

(March 2020)

Flaneur: A Memoir

(February 2020)


(January 2019)

One Holiday a Glittering Shepherd

(December 2019)

First Class & Mnemonic Upgrades

(November 2019)

Two Poems

(October 2019)

Two Poems

(August 2019)

Sloppy Words

(July 2019)

Wife Poem #37 and Self Help Poem #45

(July 2019)

Two Poems

(June 2019)

Self Help Poems 35, 41 and 45

(May 2019)

Two Poems

(April 2019)

Differential Release Liners

(March 2019)

Self Help Poems 18A through 18E

(October 2018)

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