G. Tod Slone


The Myth of the Myth of Indoctrination

(October 2023)

The Shame of Poetry

(September 2023)

Academic Freedom’s Sad Reality

(August 2023)

The Professional Poet—A Challenge to the Academy of American Poets

(July 2023)

Cancel Culture Eliminates the Free Flow of Information

(June 2023)

Librarian Shadow Banning of Books and Periodicals, Part II

(May 2023)

Libraries Shadow Ban Books and Periodicals, Part I

(March 2023)

Art Hagiographers

(February 2023)

Conformität Macht Frei*

(January 2023)

Leadership Organizations Proclaiming to Promote Free Expression

(December 2022)

The Ornamental Role of the Poet in a Democratic Society

(August 2022)

Maureen Dowd, American Monster

(July 2022)

Nasty: Notes from a Protest and an Encounter with the Executive Director of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod

(June 2022)

The Commercial Cooptation of Culture and other Poems

(May 2022)

Disregard for Truth and the Language Needed to Express It

(May 2022)

The Elephant in Canada’s Press Room

(March 2022)

Inclusion Is Exclusion

(February 2022)

Poets of Privilege

(January 2022)

The Enemy of the Free Press is the Free Press

(November 2021)

We, the Fragile (CBC Warning: The Following Commentary Is Toxic)

(October 2021)

The Bureaucrat, the Pipe-Dreamer, and the Serial Whistleblower

(September 2021)

Shielded from Criticism—This Week’s Bouse*

(August 2021)

The Real Problem with Media Literacy is the Media

(July 2021)

The (Fake) Free Expression Institute

(June 2021)

Victims of Privilege

(February 2021)

Poets Laureate Are Part of the Machine

(January 2021)

The Aftermath, a Final Poem for Alice

(April 2019)

La La Landia: Three Poems

(May 2018)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer


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