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G. Murphy Donovan Iconoclast posts are here.

Gaslighting the Academy (August 2021)
Bad Moon Rising (July 2021)
Premature Withdrawal (June 2021)
End Games (May 2021)

Strategic Mendacity (April 2021)
Small War Meditations (March 2021)
Why Michael Flynn Matters (March 2021)
Umami (February 2021)
Strategic Mendacity (January 2021)
The Banana in the Republic (December 2020)
Poisoned Polls (November 2020)
The Biden Mafia (November 2020)
Requiem for a Lightweight: RIP RGB (October 2020)
Black Women Don’t Matter (September 2020)
Covid and the Concierge (August 2020)
Days of Swine and Poseurs (July 2020)
Unmasking James Clapper (June 2020)
Reactionary Cuisine (May 2020)
The Year of the Plague (April 2020)
Wokestan (March 2020)

Babes in Boyland (February 2020)

Ukraine Pain (January 2020)
A Partisan Pentagon (December 2019)
Shaked: Beauty and the Best (November 2019)
The Enemy Within (October 2019)
The Analog Imperative (September 2019)
Dead Zones (August 2019)
The Coup that Couldn’t (July 2019)
Codicils for Coffins: Trump vs. McCain (May 2019)
GIFs that Keep on Giving (April 2019)
Bowdlerizing History (March 2019)
Trump Twice? (February 2019)
Expensive at Half the Price (January 2019)
Khashoggi Kabuki Theater (December 2018)
The Nobility of Nationalism (October 2018)
The Last Refuge (September 2018)
Shoot the Black Dog (August 2018)
Knifing at Sibley (July 2018)

Zuckerberg and the Untouchables (June 2018)
Trump Twice (May 2018)

Guns and Poses (April 2018)
Sweet and Sour Pork (March 2018)

Color and Cliterature (February 2018)

Israel and America Together Again (January 2018)

Popover Girls and Fake Feminism (December 2017)

Bento Box Theorem (November 2017)

White Men in Black: Iconoclasm on the Left (October 2017)

Artisanal Irony (September 2017)

The Business of Small Wars (August 2017)

Ratlines on the American Left (July 2017)

Giving Thanks: Donald Trump’s Top Ten (December 2016)

Dowd Out Loud (October 2016)

Whence Wisdom? (October 2016)

Balkan Jihad (September 2016)

Pussy Politics (September 2016)

Brexit: Birth of a Nation (August 2016)

Bleeding Israel (July 2016)

Hyphenated America (July 2016)

Why Bernie Loses (June 2016)

Denial (May 2016)

Missive to a Millennial (May 2016)

Dunces and Doctrines (April 2016)

Islam: What Is To Be Done? (March 2016)

See Something, Say Something (February 2016)

Attila the Hen (February 2016)

Wisdom of Crowds Redux (January 2016)

The West and the Rest: Agnostics vs Believers (December 2015)

As If and Adam Smith (December 2015)

Putin Rising (November 2015)

Europe Surrenders (October 2015)

Rosie, Megyn, Carly and Hillary (September 2015) 

Reform Islam? Recognize Kurdistan! (August 2015)

Dangerous Liaisons: RAND Corporation and the Herzl Institute (July 2015)

The Canonization of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (June 2015)

Hillary’s Jewels (May 2015)

Facebook of Failure (May 2015)

Broken Arrow (April 2015)

Virtual Hot Pots and Brain Rot (March 2015)

The Age of Musterbation (February 2015)

The Sound of Fire (January 2015)

Islamism, Islamofascism, and Islam? (December 2014)

ISIS is Islam! (November 2014)

Fast Food Pickle (November 2014)

Sister Rose and Sea Wife (October 2014)

Islam, Monoculture, and the Obama Caliphate (September 2014)

Road Kill on a Plate (August 2014)

Soccer and the Vicarious Thrill of Nil-Nil (July 2014)

Hoops (June 2014)

Wrong Wars & Wrong Enemies (May 2014)

The Family Cloth (April 2014)

Letter to a Selfish Child (March 2014)

Christie in the Crosshairs (February 2014)

Goldie (January 2014)

The Psychobabble Bubble (January 2014)

Literary Funambulism (December 2013)

The Cranberry Rumble (November 2013)

Checkmate in Baghdad and Geneva (October 2013)

Rat Squads (September 2013)

The Legacy of Tribes (August 2014)

Retailing and Retelling (July 2013)

The Optics of Exploitation (June 2013)

The End of Reason & the Next Big Bang (May 2013)

Virgins and Drupes (April 2013)

Pogonophobia (March 2013)

Changing the Subject after Newtown (February 2013)

Irish Pizza (January 2012)

Putin’s Crucifix (December 2012)

The Culture in Kitchens (November 2012)

Hillary’s Pulpit (October 2012)

Adult Conversations (September 2012)

Work Ethics (August 2012)

Tactical Candor and Strategic Illusions (July 2012)

The Case for Cliché (June 2012)

White Carnations (May 2012)

Bonobo and Lysistrata (April 2012)

A Bishop and Three Pawns (March 2012)

Ponzi Politics and Public Choice (February 2012)

A One Plank Platform, Please! (January 2012)

Honeymoon in Mecca (August 2011)

Political Revolts and Religious Reform (June 2011)

Guns, Violence, and Culture (March 2011) 

Character in American Cinema (January 2011)

Vinegar Joe (November 2010)



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