Armando Simon


Cedric (August 2021)
Does America Have a Problem with Racism? (August 2021)
The Bather (July 2021)
In Praise of Charlotte Corday (July 2021)

Viewpoints (June 2021)
Emotions as Cement (June 2021)
Following the Science (May 2021)
Enough is Enough (May 2021)
Sugarcoating Evil (April 2021)
Mediocrity Pimps (April 2021)
America’s Bastille Day (March 2021)
Changing Minds (March 2021)
President Donald Trump’s Accomplishments (February 2021)
Breaking Point (February 2021)
Trump Derangement Syndrome is a Real Phenomenon (January 2021)
The Hysterectomy (January 2021)
Zombie’s Can’t Vote (December 2020)
Today’s Cassandras (December 2020)
Military Sedition (November 2020)
The Virus and the Dream of Recession Come True (October 2020)
Voter Fraud: The Ends Justify the Means (September 2020)
Coming Up for Air (September 2020)
Racist Things (August 2020)
Money Does Not Buy Elections (July 2020)
Criminal Cops (June 2020)
We Almost Had a Communist in the White House (May 2020)
Destroying Civilization to Save It (April 2020)
Pandemic or No Pandemic– I’m Getting Married! (April 2020)
A Mistake in Class (March 2020)
Trump Hatred (February 2020)
Points of View (January 2020)
The Only Way to Win is Not to Play (November 2019)
Christopher Columbus Deserves to be Defended (October 2019)
On Wartime Atrocities (September 2019)
The Justice on Trial (August 2019)
The NPC Meme (July 2019)
Ideological Vandalism (June 2019)
Revenge (May 2019)
Marxism Madness (April 2019)
The Revolution of Evolution (March 2019)
There Really is a Crisis at the Border (February 2019)
Dear Hollywood Celebrities (January 2019)
Once and For All: The Moon had No Antisocial Effect (December 2018)
Why Is Good Literature Disappearing? (August 2018)

The Cemetery Voting Bloc (July 2018)

The Juxtaposition of Dominique Francon and Dagny Taggart in Ayn Rand’s Works (June 2018)

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