Evelyn Hooven


María by James Como

(September 2022)

I Have been Cast in “Long Day’s Journey”

(September 2022)


(August 2022)

Emily Dickinson’s Glee

(May 2022)

Silent Towns

(April 2022)

Afternoon Tea in Wales: A Memoir

(February 2022)

Supervision: A Dialogue

(January 2022)

Joseph’s Coat: A Soliloquy

(December 2021)

The Secret Life of Reprieve: A Monologue

(November 2021)

Lady MacDuff’s Castle: A Meditation

(October 2021)

Zero at the Bone

(September 2021)


(August 2021)

The Edinburgh Factor

(July 2021)


(June 2021)

My Bicycle has Two Dead Notes

(May 2021)

The Pilgrim Prince

(April 2021)

Instrument: A Dramatic Monologue

(March 2021)

Shelter: A Mini Drama

(January 2021)

Dorothea: A Mini Drama

(December 2020)

The Corridor: A Work for Voices

(November 2020)

Beyond All Telling: A Mini Drama

(October 2020)


(September 2020)

Meditation on a Shakespeare Sonnet

(June 2020)

Now in the Stillness

(May 2020)

Jessica’s Postscript:

(January 2019)

All’s Well and Some Discontents

(August 2019)

Two Aspects of Jorge Luis Borges

(July 2019)

The Hamlet Castle

(June 2019)

Two Poems of Jorge Luis Borges

(April 2019)

Cassandra: A Poetic Drama in One Act

(January 2019)

Love Songs of Jorge Luis Borges

(December 2018)

An Actress Explores her Role: A Monologue

(October 2018)

Hippolytus and Phaedra: Across the Gulf of Time

(September 2018)

His Departure

(August 2018)

Jorge Luis Borges Honors Five Poets

(July 2018)

Five Philosophical Poems of Jorge Luis Borges

(June 2018)

Two Sonnets by Gerard de Nerval

(May 2018)

Two from Gerard de Nerval

(April 2018)

Meditations on Lear

(March 2018)

Notes After the Interview

(February 2018)


(January 2018)

Her Light: At a Memorial Service

(December 2017)

Three Ways of Seeing the Muse

(November 2017)

Celestial Lullaby: A Dramatic Poem

(October 2017)

The Hunger Artist: A Theatre Piece

(September 2017)

By Way of Elegy

(August 2017)

The Sculpture Garden in Sunlight

(July 2017)

Enigma 12-31

(December 2016)

For a Couple Occasionally on the Verge of Separation

(October 2016)

Three Songs From a Play

(September 2016)

The Extreme Verge

(August 2016)

Among Love’s Turnings: Two Poems

(July 2016)

Antonia’s Song

(June 2016)

Time and Loss: Variations

(May 2016)

All I Need: A Dramatic Poem

(April 2016)

The Tree at Frost’s Window Replies

(March 2016)

Three Poems From a Sequence: Nightmare Versions

(February 2016)

Two Poems From a Sequence: Nightmare Versions

(January 2016)

Homage to Two Octogenarian Women

(December 2015)

The Man From The Airplane

(October 2015)

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